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Crappie Fishing ...There Getting Bigger !!!..3/14/05

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Fish On, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Headed out again and was not dissapointed at all , I can not believe the size of the crappies this year !!!!.. Sorry I have not posted in awhile I just have been doing alot of fishing , I try to fish everyday , I am too tired some times to post when I get home .
  2. steelmagoo

    steelmagoo Enjigneer

    Dang, Fish On be kickin butt! Much better than I did out there on Sunday. North end? My guess is close to shore near the beach.

  3. Steelmagoo
    None of those fish came out of pymatuning , I have only ice fished pyma a few times this year ,I have lived by this lake all my life and have never did good ice fishing it , every time I fish that lake I only catch a few here and there I heard they were catching some crappies out of manning in about 19' of water , we will have to hook up and I will take you to the lake were I am fishing you will only have to walk 100 yards and you will be jacking slabs , it's a blast , sorry I could not hook up with you a couple of weeks ago , It's weird I have have lived by pyma all my live and you will have to show me where to fish it for crappies ...LOL !!!! I beat my brains in on that lake !!!!!
    But I will show you some great walleye wading spots , thats the only time I really fish that lake is when the walleyes come in , talk to you soon
    Fish on
    Do you still have my phone # ??????????
  4. Congrats On The Nice Fish.
  5. steelmagoo

    steelmagoo Enjigneer

    Fish On,
    Still have your number. I tried calling you when I got out there but my phone died as it was ringing you. As for Pymatuning crappie, I still haven't figured them out and it frustrates the hell out of me! This Sunday I got a 20" walleye at 10:00 am in 13 fow near Hemlock Island with Firetiger Vib-E. Got a few perch shortly after, but not much else for HOURS. I had no minnows because Gateway bait store wasn't open when I got there. The afternoon/evening bite was slow to nonexistent (for me). I lost one walleye (probably) and caught just two crappies and one perch. I drilled holes every hundred yards from Hemlock Island east to the channel and another set from Hemlock southeast to the channel. I hit them all at least twice during the day. My only consolation was that no one else I saw was doing any better. That would have driven me nuts.

    Hey Grizz,
    Took you up on your offer and used your couch at the shack Saturday night, I sold the Howdy Doodie blanket on Ebay for gas money:D . Thanks.