Crappie Fishing"Secrets"

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  1. :confused: At the top of the Lounge Forum is a link Crappie Fishing "Secrets" I Opened it and it wants Name and E-Mail address....Is this for real or some kind of trick....Does anyone know.....
  2. ShakeDown

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    It's a google ad...whatever it is they're selling, plugs into a 12v connection on the end of a 4 foot pole. Sounds to me like a light.

  3. ....Thank You ...ShakeDown I had a strong feeling that is what it was ...When it asked for my name and E-Mail address....I got hooked with an ad when I first got my computer.....About my High School Classmates ...I made a mistake of giving them my E-Mail address ...then they asked me to join ONLY $19.99 a month....I X'd them out to this day I still get E-Mail from them.....Don't know how to delete them.....Well Thank you Again...
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