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Crappie Fishing Partner

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by AEFISHING, Mar 28, 2005.


    AEFISHING Crappie Freak

    I am looking for a fishing partner this year. I mainly fish for crappie. I do have a 17.5 ft boat with 50hp motor. I would like to fish Caesars Creek, Eastfork, Paint Creek, Rocky. I live on the east side of Cincinnati. I am familiar with Caesars Creek, Lake Loramie, and Grand Lake St. Marys. I haven't done a lot of crappie fishing around Cincy but would like to. The boat is tough to handle by myself as far as loading and unloading. My normal partner is out this year. I usually try fish at least one day on a weekend if time allows. PM me if your interested.