Crappie fishing on Hoover

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  1. Well, I'm just about all fished out with the WB run in Fremont and Maumee, caught lots and lots of fish and now that I'm back in my home town I want to concentrate on Crappie...can anyone clue me in to good places to fish for nice sized Crappie from shore/bank out at Hoover...I've been doing pretty well out at Buckeye but that's more of a drive than I'd like to make in that I fish just about everyday after work and Hoover is waaayyyy more convenient...I'm able to save on gas by going to Hoover and I know that there is some premier shore fishing at Hoover...I just don't really know where to look...any help would be appreciated...catch em' all
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    I would say the largest part of crappie spawn is now over and they have moved out to deeper water. If I was a bank fisherman, I would be looking at areas near deeper dropoffs such as points near the bridges and the bridge pylons. (Google a lake map for Hoover and do a little research.) Slip bobbers with minnows or crappie nibbles should do the trick.

  3. With the lake as high as it is, I sure as heck wouldn't overlook all that flooded timber. Check the latest HFR. The waders are still getting their fair share.
  4. Alum Crappie are very late this year spawning - I was there last weekend and caught all I wanted in a 3 hour time frame - However, I was in a boat and plan to be there this weekend as well just not sure which day yet.
  5. hit under the smoothers rd bridge..useing slip bobbers. Use small gold hook...and 10 ft. also hi the coves about 6ft deep from shore. caught 76 on monday,...mostly in the sun!