Crappie fishing at night?

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by riverbottoms, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. While surfing the fishing sites this morning on icefishing forums
    there was a post on LightBrite Lantern Reflectors.
    This might be of some help to some nightime fishermen who prefer plenty of light.
  2. Great links Terry. Thanks man. That lantern reflector is pretty savvy.

  3. I'm convinced that white lantern light spooks eyes. Countless times I've marked schools of shad being shadowed by eyes. The eyes would sniff my bait then take off, partially I suspect to keep in contact with the shad. However, since they were actively chasing the shad then why only sniff my bait? I mailed a globe manufacturer and ask them if there was such a thing as a dark/black tinted globe so I would still have heat without the light and told them why. They suggested a yellow 'anti-bug' globe. I tried it and a lot of those sniffers have turned into biters.
  4. Just a little inside info on that fish bright.With a normal lantern you have to have it running almost wide open to get the light required to see for normal fishing activities. With the fish Bright you can turn your lantern down like a dimmer switch in the house because the light is were you need it. The light is deflected down not out so you can adjust the amount you need. When doing that you won't have any reflections or bright flash in the holes.
    Plus save on fuel