Crappie fever

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  1. Like the rest of you, I'm chomping at the bit to get out and wet a line. At what water temperature do you consider the crappie bite to get going?? At what temperature do they usually begin to spawn? I mainly fish East Fork in the spring for crappie. Haven't faired very well at Caesar Creek in past.
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    Didn't know Caesar Creek had crappie in it?? Thought of it as a Musky Lake. The Muskies are doing GREAT! Talk about a AWESOME FISH and the fight of your life. Where on East Fork is a good area to start? I plan on trying it for the first time this year.

  3. The crappie will bite really well when the water temps break 50 degrees. The entire lake is awesome crappie fishing.
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    The crappie start moving soon as the ice disappears.Then when the water hits 50 to 52 they head shallow to spawn.Watch your moon phases also it pushes crappie to spawn.
  5. Bitting Now.. Caught 40 Today.. No Deep Fish All Fish Came In 3 To 5 Feet..crappie On Ef Tend To Move Shallow Early. Water Temp Was 43 To 46
  6. Hey all,

    My father and I recently purchased a boat and got out on east fork a few times looking for crappie last summer. lousy timing though. Got a late start. Sounds like we need to be heading out earlier than I thought. I tend to stick to live bait, minnows or jigs tipped with wax worms, but would welcome any advice particular to EF. Thanks