Crappie Fever

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by TheKing, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. It has been a long winter......2 more months to go. But I just planned my Crappie trip to the Land Between the Lakes for the week of 6 April. And I can feel the fever rising already. I have a guided trip on Wednesday with Hook Line and Sinker (Malcolm Lane) and then will go to Jonathan Creek with my boat for the rest of the week. Let me know if you are down there and want to exchange reports. It will be my first chance at real slab crappies.
  2. how big are real slab crappie????

  3. Well,
    I'm used to these southwest Ohio ones.....about 9 inches....some years its some 10-11 inches. The "real" ones I am hoping for are a basket full of 14-16 inches, and maybe a trophy.
  4. yes a basket full and ill be there feasting with you....yummy!!!!i missed out this year because of flooding down in the ohio river,our slabs run 14 to 18 inches,man thats hard to swallow when ya lose your honey hole.
  5. This week I made our reservations for KY Lake also. We're going down from 4/2 - 4/6. We're staying in Johnathen Creek also. We did real well last year on those 14+++++ white crappie, fishing the main creek breaks. Hope to spend a little more time shallower from those big black crappie ;)

    Good luck!