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    I am going to head out to east fork on tuesday. Just wandering any opinions on what depth they will be holding at. I would say they will be biting if they can be found. I am thinking about 10-15 feet?
  2. That would be my guess, maybe 10'-12'. The water levels are dropping at this time so deeper should be the ticket. Last Jan. I was catching them in 5'-6' during the warm spell. If nothing happen deep, don't be afraid to shallow up some. Good luck and post results if you go.

  3. i was out there sat. and it was windy as hell! Marked lots of fish in the coves from 10-20 deep of water. couldnt get any to bite but it was tuff fishing in that wind. we fished the coves by the dam. water was a little more clear down there. i think the lake was up a few feet above summer pool. water temp was 40. some dude caught two crappie by the shore so who knows they mey be shallow or at least the ones feeding. good luck it may be a little cold on tuesday.
  4. The only crappie I see at this time of year in SW Ohio are about ½” below the hot oil … need to finish off last years catch
  5. i was thinkin of going to eask fork for some crappie. i dont have a boat and was wondering if there was any luck from the shore or docks and where abouts anyone was havin luck. any info would be great.
  6. 1/2" below hot oil? what does that mean? thanks
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    fishymcgoo I DIDN'T SEE THE SIGN

    i think i am going to have to wait due to bad weather. and yes they can definitely be caught from the bank. sometimes the best spots you might have to walk a little ways to get to but are well worth it.
  9. have been catching lots of crappie from the banks , anywhere from 8 -20 ft deep, minnow mostly, but some jigs , just hard to fish jigs from spots I am fishing
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  10. robstermon, what lake you fishing? You catching fish now?

    socdad, I turned a bunch loose in Lake Crisco myself last week. Only 1 bag left in the freezer, now I have to get busy.