crappie bait

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  1. what do you use?I am thinking maggots and minnows but a guy at work said to use sweet corn from the can
  2. Ive been successful with leaches in muddy water. They are extremely active even after being on the hook for awhile. Never used corn for crappie though. If you ever fish a pond/lake stocked with trout, a corn cernal works extremely well. I usually throw a handful on the water before casting because it mimics the sound of the feeders at the hatchery.

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    An old pond trick. Get an old roadkill rabbit and hang it in a tree on a limb overhanging the pond. It will start raining maggots in the pond in a few days.. Instant honey hole. Raider


    i use either jigs or a pin min with a minnow
  5. Maggots or minnows will work great, but I'd also recommend getting a couple jars of Berkley Crappie Nibbles. Chartruse glitter, Platinum Glitter, and white... I like to call it "crappie crack"...
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    HMMMM "crappie crack" hmmmmmm

    Sounds like a safety wipe is needed!! :eek: :D

    I have never heard of corn for crappie but the other baits mentioned have all worked well for me!
  7. I second on the crappie nibbles!

    Add chartreuse, or pink to your jigs, they in my opinion
    do make a difference.

    Small hook + nibble = plenty of action with the micro gills
    for kids to catch

    Gloves up!

  8. I have good luck with bass minnies and wax worms.
  9. nibbles, wax worms, and popeye jigs in red/white. i'm gonna give roadrunners a try this spring/summer.
  10. Crappie nibble are great, the gills love em too.
    I actually fish them more than maggots because they are so darn easy to keep around. I keep an Ultralight, bobbers, hooks, split shots and crappie nibble in the car all the time. (although i'm starting to favor the flyrod)
  11. the perch like those nibbles too. I always keep a jar i case the shiners run out! As for the leeches, keep them in ice water. They really go nuts when you cast them into the warmer lake water. Try it!
  12. that's interesting, might have to try this.

    I usually tip everything with a crappie nibble - color varies and can't say there has been a favorite one since they all seem to be productive. I just use somethign that compliments the jig color.

    Have any of you tried the new Natural Food baits? I picked up a pack of their "meal worms" caught two yesterday on them....time will tell
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    crappie critters work great
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    I bought a jar of the gulp maggots the other day. used them at a farm pond to catch gills. Seam to work ok. also caught a 18'' large mouth....
  15. I've tried the gulp maggots and couldn't stand the smell of them.
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    they do stink, but they work
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    I'm going to give in and try this nibble things. I recently got access to some quarrys and can't seem to find any crappie, though the owner tells me they're there. Usually a jig tipped with a minnow jigging type of person. But man, I'm starving for a crappie dinner!
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    bought some this weekend. Caught about a dozen crappie over the weekend but never used them. I used a rooster tail to catch the crappie.

    how would you suggest using thoe crappie nibblers ? tip them on a jig ? use them as a bait all in itself ?

    Mike, you said flyrod ? you fly fish using them ? how do you rig it up ? Just learning how to fly fish, i would love to catch some crappie on it if they hit these things.
  19. JP - you can use crappie nibbles as a tip (most common) or by themselves if the conditions are right. the thing to remember with them - they are slow disolving and so the longer they are in the strike sone the better.

    I usually have the most success with them as a jig tip and you can really tip anything with them - even roadrunners!
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    Nice ! ill put them to use this sunday !