Crappie at West Branch

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  1. Going out this evening for crappie on the boat. Anyone ever catch them after dark out here? I have read posts of fishing under Rock Springs Bridge with the lanterns. Plan to get on the water around 6pm, any advice will be appreciated.
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  2. If the crapps are suspended the eyes are deep. Most of what Ive seen and heard at night is that most fish are in open water. Even the bait moved out. Hit 6 eyes,8 gills and a few bass all off the bottom in 15fow. Hope you find them!

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    How did it go? Did you make it out?
  4. How is the fishing around the marina.
  5. Last week, they were shallow.

    I'm fishing the EBCC Open there tomorrow, so I'll let you know. I'm prepared for either shallow, deep, or suspending fish.
  6. Fished 6:30pm till 10:15pm, gates close to marina by 11pm. We picked up about a dozen crappie, all after dark 8"-9" range. Drifted crawlers and jigs with minnies anywhere from 20' to 9' before dark with only 3 empty lead heads caught after the crawlers made thier way off. LOL. I'll learn how to fish here sooner or later. Sent PM about Saturday Tourney but no response.
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  7. From the EBCC website, it says 7:30AM start from marina ramp... I'm hoping to be there by 6:30AM...

    I think it goes til 3 but I'll check in the AM...

    10 fish limit
  8. ...Was planning on fishing out there tomorrow...but decided to stay off...were having a tournament...go get them guys..