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Crappie at hoover

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bryan Reid, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Has anyone had any luck finding crappie at Hoover? I was out there for a few hours with a friend on Saturday morning. We hit quite a few spots that looked like they would be perfect for crappie but didn't catch any. We caught one small bass and three small bluegills. We were across from the Red Bank ramp.
  2. Greetings... Just registered here on OFG so this is my first post... I fish Hoover almost exclusively several times per week. Crappie have been hit & miss lately but mostly hits. They've moved up shallow and can be found in brush. Takes lots of jigs & minnows ;)

  3. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    hey scott.long time no 'bout leavin' me some crappies.i have hardly touched hoover this year,so when i do,i'd like to catch a couple :D ;)
  4. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Fishinfusion: Welcome. Glad you found us. Check out the entire site and then see how well you like it. We've tried hard to make it the best site possible.
  5. dfoxfish

    dfoxfish chairbustintruckdrowner

    assuming your in a boat, put in at baldridge ramp, go north under the bridge and to the left. hit the brush piles (sunken islands) fish close and shallow. i only use bass minnow and bobber. i don't care for the casting thing over and over. i like to let them come to me. this method also can bring in some big c. kitties. my biggest was 9+lbs. what a fight on a crappie rig. :eek:

    MLAROSA Loving Life

    Hey!!! Thats my spot!!!! But I always wade it... ;)
  7. dfoxfish

    dfoxfish chairbustintruckdrowner

    :eek: you must be 8' tall. :D i was refering to all the brush piles up there. it's 5 to 7' getting there in my boat. also the ones i fish are about 100 yds. from shore. :confused:
  8. Thanks for the suggestions dfoxfish. That area is where I usually like to go looking for cats but thought I'd give the crappie a try. I couldn't find any of them, not even a nibble. I moved a little further North and went to the East side and was able to find 2 small catfish, a small bass, a small bluegill, and 2 medium crappies.

    I'll try it again on Saturday if the weather cooperates.
  9. Miso_Ohio

    Miso_Ohio Green Eggs And Ham

    I hit Hoover last night from around 6 to 11. I went to my normal spring pattern spot which it way up North around where the creek enters the lake. Once I put in I had my doubts the water was Chocolate milk, but I already told a friend where to meet me so there was no moving to another ramp.

    After trolling over to the are we planned to fish without one take (odd for hoover) we fished a couple of fallen trees. We each got one small crappie (around 8-9 inches), you had to pretty much be right in the mess of branches to get them to bite.

    Then just to see if it was any better went up the creek a little, it as even more stained up there, all though there were fish jumping and surfacing everywhere. Some where carp, some where bass and judging by the way they hit the top I assume some where white bass. We threw everything in the book at them and didn't get any takers. I think I managed 1 or 2 8-9 inch crappie with a minnow but it was pretty slow.

    We headed back out into the main lake and started fishing for crappie, carp and catfish as the sun went down. The crapie bite was weird, you would hit a new spot, get a fish almost instantly and then nothing at that spot. So if I didn't get a any takers in 5 minutes or so I would recast to another area. This worked alright, I managed one slab at around 14 inches and we managed a few others in that 7-12 inch range. I had one carp on for long enough to take out some drag but he/she spit the hook. My friend got into some decent catfishing, most where caught on a minnow, but some where taken on liver. Most where in the 16 inch range, but two where in the 5 Lb range.

    All in all it seems the bite was picking back up all though the water is dark. If it clears up at all in the next day or two you should be in good shape, it almost appeared to be clearing up a little last night but that may of been my imagination. One word of warning, the water is a little high, the ramp at Oxbow is very shallow in these cnditions, be carefull loading your boat up there, I hit bottom with my prop getting it on the trailor last night.

    Sorry for the novel, hope this helps someone get on some fish up there, it wasn't the greatest day I have had up there but it was better then expected with the prevailing conditions. Also I have heard from friends last weekend, that they were getting decent Saugeye out from the red bank ramp, they where simply trolling crank baits like Hot N Tots and Husky Jerks. They didn't give any more info then that.
  10. Hit Hoover both Saturday & Sunday (5th & 6th). On Sturday we worked north of the Sunbury Rd bridge and caught several cats between 9" and 18"; crappies, 5" to 13" and a couple of small perch.

    On Sunday we stayed south of the bridge and again caught cats & crappies. It got very cloudly and windy so I decided to troll the east side banks were the wind was blowing in. Gota 19 largemouth, several crappies and TWO WALLEYES! Neither of much size, 10" and 16", but their the first walleyes I've ever caught out of Hoover.

    They got me warmed up.. heading for Canada on Saturday
  11. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    with the weird spring,the crappie bite isn't what it was last year.the sopawn was on/off,but should be over now,and they'll be heading out into the may find some shallow fish,but i think if you start searching 10-15 fow ,you may find fish.look for dropoffs,points and submerged trees and brush.
  12. dfoxfish

    dfoxfish chairbustintruckdrowner

    what is this...a foreign language? or are you buzzed? sopawn? ...10 to 15 fow? :D
  13. Does this lake get very crowded? I know it has a hp limit but wondered if there are lots of sail boat and fisherman on the lake in summer. I have never fished it but I keep reading all the post and would like to try it out. I would probably take my canoe out in unless I get this old motor running that I have. Does the saugeye and crappie fishing pick up in the fall? I always hear about Piedmont in the fall but if I could go to hoover and do good I would save myself about 2.5 hours of drive time.
  14. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i wasn't buzzed (at least at the time).just my typical one finger typo :rolleyes:
    twistertail,never a crowd on the lake.that's why i love it.some sailboats in the lower end at times,but no problem.being hp restricted,it never gets crowded,and lots of people use kayaks and canoes there.the saugeye fishing is good in the fall,and it's good right now.almost any part of the lake.
  15. :p

    HOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAH! I finally got to live up to my name at Hoover. I was there on teh 9th. and caught over 25 Crappies! a few large mouths and whitebass and even a saugeye. 9 of teh crappies were keepers, all the others were thrown back. The keeper Crappies were all 10+ inches, two were 12 inches.

    goodluck to all, and "hi" to Misfit, glad to see you on this site
  16. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    hey crappieking.
    nice to hear a good report from you.between the weather and my health,i missed out on most of the spawners,but it's about time to start trollin' those vibes now :cool:
  17. Hey Rick

    sorry to hear about your health. goodluck with teh trolling, I've seen lots of people out there doing that already. I can tell you that the post spawners are whoppers. I don't have a boat but, I do quite well under the bridge. the only problem is when the non-trolling boaters fly by and create giant waves to try and chase me away my spot.

    anyhow, I don't wanna rant
    best of luck, and get well, you're missing out on good fishing :)

    FISHERLADY Fish OH Master Angler

    Hey Miso! Did you say you have a boat? Me and my BF are wanting to go again but, have no boat. I am dying to catch fish! lol write me back in an email: I plan on getting out there this weekend. We were at the red bank area and around the bridges last weekend and boy was it crowded! I saw some guys around the smother rd bridge in boats. It started to sprinkle and they were putting on their gear. It didn't amount to nothing. Under the bridge it was packed with people on bank like we were. I didn't do any good. My BF caught a small LM. It was windy too. Anyone with a boat have spare seats? Pleeeaaase.... I want to get fish! lol Oh, almost forgot... my BF knows a good spot elsewhere's to catch SM in a boat.......if anyone wants to invite us to show them. lol we can't get to it without a boat. All we have is our feet and belly :D