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  1. This weekend I took my daughters out to CJ and we caught 38 Crappie and the majority of the fish still had eggs. The eggs were still in really good shape and looked like they were about 1-2 weeks from spawning. I know the crappie spawn was about a month ago so does anyone know why these fish would still have eggs?
  2. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    probably late ones or the second spawn...they are like bluegill...they will have 2 spawns a year if conditions are right

  3. I have never heard anything about a second spawn and I don't think that I have seen any spawn this late in the waters that I fish. Keep in mind that they will still have their egg sac even after spawning. Perhaps this is the beginning of the development of next year's eggs? The sac would not be filled but they may already be starting to fill them back up.
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    Was fishing Mosquito lake sunday and caught some male crappie that were pretty dark and the females still had eggs. These were white crappies but they had their spawn colors on. I was surprized to see that, this late in the season. The fish were in 5 to 6 ft water too. I'm pretty dam sure there's a second spawn going on there, as i slammed them in may. It may only last a week or so, but they are still spawning.
  5. So are you suggesting that the same fish are spawning the second time or just that there are a group that are spawning late? I am just curious because I have never heard of this for crappie.
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    up at erie ppl (incuding me) hav caugt walleyes months after spwn time. it could jus b a hormonial problem. were the eggs hard???
  7. The eggs were in great shape some of them were even far enough along to squeeze out. We caught them in 14-16 ft water.
  8. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    this happens every year at cj...the regular spawn for crappie is around april/may and then again if conditions are right around end of june to/through july...they are very similar to bluegill
  9. I agree with bke 45030, I caught some with eggs 2 weeks ago at EF. I just figured they were late spawners. Never heard of a second spawn for crappie, late yes, not 2nd. Seems it would be kind of hard for the same fish to form eggs and lay them again just a couple of months later, then take 10 months to do it again. Any biologist around?