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crappie and spot lights

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by peple of the perch, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. u know how peole hang lanterns over docks to attract croppies but what if u hang over a spotlight . do they work as well as lanterns. also what do u use . and what tpye of lanterns do u use
  2. i always found if you have lite they will feed on the minnows the lite will attract.don t need spot lites. use minnows and small jigs.long as bait is moving. try different depths also..... husk

  3. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    i have a crappie floating spot light i plan on using it for smelt this fall but i usually just hang a colman lantern over the water i just hateto lug a battery out th get the spot light to work..........jim
  4. steelmagoo

    steelmagoo Enjigneer

    I have a crappie light that is basically an automotive headlight mounted in a piece of molded styrofoam. It floats on the water pointed down and has leads for attaching to a 12V battery. Got it at Gander Mountain a few years ago. Like Husky said, the craps come for the baitfish the light attracts. I have best results for crappie by fishing the very edge of the illuminated water, not directly under the light but maybe 10 to 20 feet away or more depending on water clarity. However, in my opinion, if it ain't attracting lots of baitfish I'm better off without it. I have also used it on the ice for crappie with only a little success and for smelt with good results. When I lived in Dallas we used lights on Lake Ray Hubbard with excellent results for crappie. We would get huge schools of minnows and shad circling under the light and the slabs would be under and around them.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    When we use crappie lights we get good results with the submersible ones. I have tried the floating car light ones, the green tube ones, the white tube ones, and the white tube ones with color filters of red and green. The best results have come from the submersible white ones. We have also used the lantern technique with little results. If there are no minnows around the lights, then there seems to not be much of a bite.

    We have done well just outside of the light as previously posted as well. Sometimes they want a single hook, other times they hit the glow stuff pretty well.

  6. The Last Three Years I Have Spent Fishing Under Different Types Of Lights. First Turned On At Berlin,i Float A Light Made From A Spot Light Mounted In Styro. When A Thermo Sets Up This Works Best Because Bait Can School Under The Light. During Turnover The Shad Leave The Shinners And Both Are Looking For Surface Lights. Jig
  7. I picked on up and used it at Portage Lakes last night. NUTHIN. Went to the same spot where we nailed them on Sunday, but the fish had moved. Oh well, I'll track them down!!!
  8. years ago we use t use 2 6 foot shop lights and a power converter.minnows would really pile up around the boat looked like day time to lol
  9. heck thats nothing...years ago i used to troll with 2 canepoles!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Husky A guy in a HAT told me you ground the white bass you caught to make Lamp Oil for your Crappie fishing! :D :D :D :D :D
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    Nice to hear from Big Dan again ;) .............CATKING