Crappie and Lights?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CatfishWilly, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. CatfishWilly

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    Just wondered what you guys thought about fishing with underwater lights for crappie. I've never really tried for them at night, and in light of that new monster at mogadore I'm real tempted to try out there. Any suggestions?
  2. About a month ago I used the halogen lights off the back of my boat at westbranch. I have two lights mounted on the back of my boat I use for netting night bite lake erie walleyes. I was amazed how many crappies that came to the boat in about an hours time. You would throw out the bobber with a minnow and the it wouldn't even straighten up before it was in its was down! It actually got boring after a couple of hours. They were decent fish. We didn't keep any but it was just fun catching them. The crappies stayed the whole time with the bait............ for 4 hours worth......... we finally ran out of minnows and went home.

    I don't see why the underwater light wouldn't work. The minnows would come into the light and the crappies would follow!

    Good luck

  3. ezbite

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    havent done it in years, but i used to hang a propane lantern off the causeway bridge at night about a foot off the water and within an hour id have minnows circling the light and crappie and walleye shooting in and eating them. id just cast a small jig and twister below a bobber and reel it thru the minnys. catch a fish everytime. i dont see why an underwater light would not work. i know there are floating lights on the market just for that purpose. so, to answer you question, yes it should
  4. ive used the floating light before it worked good. only thing is, if your not fishing from a boat you have to lug a 12v battery around
  5. Ruminator

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    I just got back from WB and night fishing with two Optronics submersible white lights. The lights create a food chain starting with phytoplankton, etc. that draws minnows to feed, which draws crappies, etc. to feed on the minnows.
    Its awesome after a few hours to see minnows circling around the light in a big school. Take along a battery just to run your light. They draw one down over a few hours.
    There is also available a green tube type that some guys here really like. The white works just fine though.

    Check out this thread from last Friday, I used the Optronics lights then also.
  6. Lewzer

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    I use the 24" green submersible light a lot at West Branch. The green one helps keep your night vision and you can see around the boat easily.
    I want to try it for smelt this winter instead of the Coleman lantern to see how it works.
  7. chaunc

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    Never read anything about using the lights in cold water. Most everyone i know nightfishes during the warmwater months. Does anybody know how the cold water and cold weather will affect the bulbs? And how late into the season have you used them?
  8. dynamite1298

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    i was at weat branch about 3 weeks ago. there was a guy that had the 2submersable lights hanging off the bridge about a 1 foot under the water . and he and i use our lanterns on shore. they semed to work whats the differnce with the lanterns hanging off the bridge im not sure, but i do know that u can get your line caught on it . yes dummey me i did its a long walk back up the hill and back down.
  9. castmaster00

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    does this work for other fish than just crappie and walleye? and is there walleye in moggy?