crappie 6/4

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  1. was gonna go bassin but decided to head to the FHRRA on the grand with littlestick52 for some crappie about 12 crappie in about 2 hours some decent sized fish nothin huge most comin on white roadrunners and minnies under a float not a whole lot of fish but it was a blast! havent done that in awhile! and a beautiful afternoon to get out! :cool:

    heres a pic of one of the bigger ones

  2. nice crappie Mr Riverrunner88 you did get more than me but i did get more variety of fish!!:) yes it was a blast and one of the best afternoons in a wile and im looking forward to doing it again!!!!!

    hers a pic of my biggest crappie not as big as RR but its ok cuz i caught some fish!!!


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    Those are some beautiful crappies. Good job guys.
  4. Here's my crappie Littlestick52

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  5. thanks everyone!

    hey welcome aboard ron glad to see ya made ur way here!
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  6. so why is ron ripping on my fish???????? jk its all good

    Yes thanks to everyone who commented on the fish!
  7. hit it again today mixed success some nice fish but i think the heat was slowin em down all came on minnies under a float

    littlestick52 and i with the first two and nicest of the day
  8. some nice fish there i would of been better if it wasnt so darn hot outside i couldnt stop sweating!!! it would of been better if we cought some more fish consistently but a good day over all!!!