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Cranky Cats and "Fat Air" Kitty's
written by Ed Carlson

"NO WAY", Channel Cats on Muskie style Baits? That is what I was told, but hey, I don't listen too well.
Many folks do not understand that Big Channel Catfish are predators and do munch about anything that they can catch. They are very effective predators in low light conditions and in very shallow and fast water.

They demonstrate characteristics shown by large predators in the wild. Such as the herding of baitfish into corners to feed on them at will. They set up and ambush feed on rock reefs too. This reminds me of a domestic cat stalking it's pray, waiting to pounce once given the opportunity.

Large channel catfish can be very ferocious on the strike. They often get "Fat Air" as I call it. They bust the baits and instantly go airborne, much as a large muskie would on a surface bait. It is a big time adrenalin rush, for sure.

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Once hooked they never give up the fight, and the fight is a Bulldog Battle all the way into the net. Yes Sir, them big Kitty's get a bit Cranky once they get stung by a big crank.

One of my favorite lures for this is the Salmo Warrior, a very SUMO type crankbait made for big Pike and Muskie. Yet, as you can see, cats find it munch-able as well. Big is the key, with erratic wobble and shallow water performance being critical. The finish on a crank used for cats needs to be tough too ... very tough. Shallow water rock will bust up cranks fast, and them cats mushing them does a job too.

If you ever get the opportunity to experience catching Cranky Cats, you will know what "Fat Air" is all about and never forget the thrill.

article courtesy of http://www.thenextbite.com
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