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  1. With the countless number of crankbaits available, ranging from $4-$10+ I thought it might be a good idea to find out what brand/type crankbait is working for people in this area. I use a Bandit 200 series which produces well for me.
    How about everyone else?

  2. bandit 100,fat free shad,rapala dt series,

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    the original SR5 Shad Rap Black & Foil Color pattern !!!
    i also like the small shallow running Bill Norman Crankbaits !!!
  4. I use Norman Deep Little N,s. And a few of the DD22s by Norman also.
  5. bandits rapalas and bombers oh my there are so many that work for me but the flat a bombers and bandits flat maxxs have been top producers in the big O but in the lmr its been square as and bandit 100s
  6. I am becomming very happy with Yo Zuri. I use the lipless crankbaits and the deep diving crankbaits.
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    I would have to go with the SR5s, in any color. That is a hard crank bait to beat for anything from bass to saugeye. In small streams where the fish are generally not as big, the Yozuri Pins minnow is a killer. It outfishes similar stick baits 10:1 for me.
  9. Norman's Thin-N in firetiger did well for me during the summer and fall period.
  10. Clear Water

    Shad Rap SR5 or Rattle Trap if fishing grasslines

    Stained Water

    Stained Water around wood - Cotton Cordell 2 1/4" Big O

    Stained water around rip rap or rock - Bomber 6A


    Rapala in clear water

    Bomber Long A if stained

    Like to try some of the newer baits, but I'm not paying 10 bucks for a crankbait!
  11. I've found the Cordell C.C.Shad in Black and Chartruese to be a great little bait for numbers of Bass......Roscoe
  12. I like storm wiggle warts and the bandit series are great.
  13. Fat Free Shad and Rat-L-Traps always do the trick for me.
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    My go to crankbaits are the Rapala DT's and the Bass Pro Nitro's. They both offer a wide range of depth and they both have different wobbles depending on depth.
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    My favorites are the Storm Thundersticks. Both the original Thundersticks and the Deep Thunderstick Jrs. Great for walleye and pike. Cast or troll.

  16. Wally Marshal Crappie cranks in Pinky Toe & Green/yellow (forget specific name) are dynamite for creek smallies in 1/8 oz size
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    my own hand carved and painted balsa cranks
  18. berkley frenzies and rapalla xraps or countdowns
  19. Don't forget the Gizz4, in Pearl Black, Pearl Green, and I've caught some big wipers on the Chartruese Gold too!