I tried to check with a moderator...sent message last night...Franklin County 2679 Woodley Rd, Columbus, OH 43231 during Minerva Park Community Yard Sale Sat 9/24 9 to 3, Sun 9/25 11-3. 61 vendors, maps and QR code at the Community Bldg but you have my address and there generally isn't much other hunting and fishing stuff, BUT, you don't need to tell your significant other you guys are going to Carp's house to look at cheap lures, you're going to a very large community yard sale that will have food too! Now if they find something they like and then you happen to stumble by my house, it be tough to object if you picked up a crankbait or 2 at Carps since they are so inexpensive...course if you wait too long, things might be picked over...lol I actually will have a bunch of other stuff too, Plenty to keep them occupied while you look at the good stuff. Seriously, I don't think I'd drive in from far away for my stuff, but if your somewhat close or you just wanna go to a big community yard sale, this is it.

Crankbaits - NIB $3 some less, really nice out of box or lightly used $2, definitely used but very fishable $1. I might hold out for $3 on some Creek Chub Pikies just because they are Creek Chub Pikies. See pics but I definitely forgot to take pics of some baits, not tons but a fair amt. I'm going to dig up a fair handful of HJ10's NIB and some from my stick bait boxes along with some big rouges that are not in pics because I just don't use them. Where else you going to get HJ10's for $2-3? I can think of some HJ12s that never get wet too. I might just get off some more NIB org Hot and Tots and frankly I bought every deep down rattling fat rap in Columbus for a few yrs, prob won't use them all. Seriously, my executor will prob put all this stuff in the trash so I'd like it to make someone else smile or whatever.

If there is someone out there that fixes up old reels, let me know and I'll give you whatever parts I can scrounge up for free. Hopefully that screw you need is there,,, Have at least 3 Mitchell 300's and some spare spools, at least 2 prob all 3 need some TLC, (bail springs) $5 for all and I might have an extra bail spring or two. Net holder for boat, never used $2. Maybe a dozen? maybe less Detroit River ball jigs with stinger hooks $3 for all?? Willies in-line board with 1st and 2nd generation release arms (have a new in package 1st gen release arm somewhere if I can find it) $3. Willies isn't the greatest board but they are reversible, and the 2nd gen release arm allows you use most any clip you want. Few Hotshots $1 for all. Pink lady $1, 50 jet $1 Some junk auto flyreels, take them all $1, 2 Abumatic reels (one for parts but prob is with some main post thing) $3. More to dig out, all junk but cheap.

Last but not least, A gentleman bought a bunch of baits from me during another purge years ago. (He got the really good stuff.) He forgot to take a Cardinal 3 that he bought for parts. He was younger than me so if he is still around and sees this I have the reel and found the broken bail.