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crankbait tuning

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by H20hound, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. I was out tuning a few new reef runners yesterday and had issue with three different colors. I tried tuning them, but couldn't get them to run any kind of straight line. Upon closer inspection the lips do not seem to be molded straight causing the bait to surface. If you look a the bait from the front the lip is tilted right or left instead of even.

    Anybody else see this or know of a way to correct it?
  2. jennis9

    jennis9 Fish against the fish...

    H2O, if you don't get an answer here - try posting on lure making, I just saw a post from a guy that was tuning a diver by using thinner or thicker lips on the lures.Those guys are CrAzY! and talented.

  3. What an interesting post. I seem to have about one in 8 or 10 reefrunners that I can't get tuned. I've never looked that close at the lips, but I will now - I usually throw it down and grab another one. I would imagine that reefrunenr would replace the ones with obvious defects. They can be a pain in the a%& to tune, but they do work. I'll be checking those that don't run right from now on. Thanks!
  4. pizza


    you can tune them by filing the lip on the side they are turning to before they surface.
    Reel them in at slower speeds and see which way it is that they tend to turn. Then file. This is an iterative process, best to file not enough than too much at once. Good luck.
  5. Pizza, do you file the side of the lip or the top edge or what?
  6. I am thinking he means the top edge, like your shaping a knife edge. I'll am going to try it this weekend.
  7. pizza


    Imagine the top surface of the lip. This is where the water hits and causes the lure to react. If you file/sand/cut off material from one side (say the "general left" side as you are looking into the front of the lure) that will cause the lure to now retrieve more to the left (when viewed from above). As far as the upper or lower part I can't comment. I played around with that for a little and tried to observe results but I stopped doing that. Now when the lures I make need tuning (rare now)I will just do something like this. This is the most extreme case I have. When I first fished this lure I pretty thought it was hopeless(spun in circles). Now it will swim straight as fast as I care to reel it in.

    When you decide which side needs filing, file that "general side" then mabye a little bit extra in the front most corner. Or just try the lower corner. Basically just play around and its better to file/sand/cut not enough than too much.

    And the above still may not fix the problem, just a thought.

    I will post a pic of the lip of my lure in a little bit. The battery on my camera just died and it is on the charger.
  8. If a lip is not inperfect alignment it is almost impossible to make it run straight. Most companys will replace baits if they will not run and some dealers will replace them also. Try and see if they will replace them before you try filing or cutting on them and if they are replaced make sure the new baits lips are straight.
  9. Thanks Pizza, I'll have to try that. I have a couple I bought off ebay that I'd given up on.
  10. Worked great on one lure so far. Thanks again.
  11. pizza


    Glad it worked for you. Back when rapala used to tune their lures this is how they did it. If you have any rapala floaters or countdowns that were made in Finland look at the lip. Chances are it is slightly shaved on one side or the other.

    Here are a couple of my more assymetrical lips. When I first fished these lures I pretty much thought they were hopeless(didn't swim straight, spun in circles, etc). Then I salvaged them by shaving the lip. They work great now and I can reel them in as fast as I want and they swim straight without rolling over. Trolling with them might be pushing it but may be possible with some more fine tuning/lip shaving. But maybe they would troll fine as is, not sure.

    Just tonite I took a file out with me on my yak and was fine tuning some lures.

    By the way, be wary of buying "lots" of "trolling lures" like hot n tots off ebay. My brother did (hot n tots)and none of them swam straight. I think people sell "lots" of lures that don't troll properly on ebay. Some of them were horrible. The lips of some were waaaay off just by looking with the naked eye.

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