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Crankbait question

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by KYBOB, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. I am not really a crankbait fisherman, but sometimes you have to resort to throwing them in order to put fish in the boat. What I need, I think, is a crankbait starter kit. Something to cover early spring up through pre spawn, say water from 42 - 60 degrees. Clear, slightly stained, stained to muddy. If I could only purchase 6-10 baits, what should they be? Need depth & color to purchase.
  2. freyedknot

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    get a rapala minow , has to be the most used crankbait. minnow, green and smallies like red or darker colors. bombers are good along with bandit and bill norman is what i use the most. go with the colors of real baitfish. shad ,perch and minnow colors.the trick is to stop ,pause and twitch it slowly , usually slower the better.

  3. Marshall

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    Don't get too crazy with colors. Get a shad color, craw color and one with chartruse in it. Get some shallow square billed, medium divers and deep divers. Pick a brand they all are decent. From experience I have a ton of crankbaits in a ton of colors but usually use only a few, craw, shad, chartruse. Get two of each, it really sucks when you find the right one and then lose it.
  4. I don't think that you can go wrong with the Rapala DT series. I'd get some DT 6's and some DT 10's in perch, black and silver, crawfish, hot mustard and parrot. Also shad raps are great crankbaits as well. They say you should use a tighter action wobble in cold water conditions and a wider wobble in warmer muddier water.
    Last year at a particular body of water it was prespawn and I was using the Shadrap RS in perch and fishing it with the stop and go/jerk method and was getting slammed big time- great fun! Good luck and have some fun!
  5. For medium diving baits I like Bagley Deep Kill'r B's and Rapala Shad Raps. These will get down from 6 to 15' depending on the model. I like the action of the Bagley's better. If I need a bait to travel around 6-8' I've got some Shad Raps that nail that depth.

    For deeper divers I like Poe's Super Cedar 400's and Rapala glass Fat Raps. You can get both of these below 20' with a braided line.

    There are lots of medium divers to choose from that dive from 8 to 15', but I've found it hard to find good lures that dive past 20' on a normal cast and retrieve. The Poe's SC 400s are the best I know of.

    I typically use Power-Pro braided line and the thin diameter allows my cranks to get a few feet deeper than advertised.

    I use cranks a LOT. The medium and deep divers mostly get used along ledges and old creek channels. I'll also drag them down a point, digging them into the bottom the whole way down and I like to bounce them off of deep water timber.

    I lose a lot of baits but they usually catch me quite a few fish before the Lake god's take them away from me ;)

    I think you'll have to spend some time getting to know a particular crank bait and figure out how deep it'll run with the line you use. Once you get used to a crank you can vary the cast length and height of your rod tip during retrieve to get your bait right in front of the fish you are targeting.

    I also like lip-less cranks (Rat-L-Traps and Rattlin' Rapalas) and find that I can use these for all the things I use medium and deep divers for plus they work well in shallower water situations too. Once you get used to these baits you can do about anything you want with them.

    For shallow diving cranks/jerk baits I use Original Rapala floating minnows exclusively.

    I don't use suspending baits much as I find these tend to get me hung up more often than the cranks I've always used.

    For colors I'm a very simple man. I use 2 colors for my crank baits and that's all: shad and firetiger. I don't even bother to buy other colors any more (except for the Poe's 400's, I'll buy those in whatever color I find).

    If you're just looking for medium and deep diving cranks I'd get Bagley Kill'r B's in shad and firetiger and the Poe's 400's in what-ever colors you can find :) (the Poe's are hard to find in many colors if you can find them at all).

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    I use mostly bandits and strikeking crank baits models from shallow to deep.
    pearl white is a good color along with gizzard shad or watermelon shad.

    Rattle traps I use strike king diamond shads or bill lewis rattle traps.

    The DT's are pretty good baits.

    There are all kinds of types, colors you just got to experiment until you find one that you and the fish like.

    Good Luck!