Crankbait hooks?

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  1. Anyone here change the hooks on their crankbaits? I've heard on fishing shows that you should, but have never done so. Today, I had a bass bend my hook straight and get off so I'm motivated now. Any ideas on what brand I should switch off?

    The crankbait that had the hook bend was a Mann's baby -1. My Smithwick lure hooks have bent too, but I've never lost a fish due to it before.
  2. Most lure manufacture's use cheap hooks which over a short time will begin to either rust, bend or just break altogether. I would match size with Gamagatsu treble hooks.

  3. you can use gamakatsu, mustad, you can use any high dollar hook you can think of and they will do the trick. on the other hand you can buy cheap eagleclaw treble hooks and do just as good. ;)
  4. I put black nickel plated Mustad triple grips on any crankbait right out of the box. They are super sharp, hold fish better than a round bend hook, and are very rust resistant.
  5. I re-rig with Gamakatsus. My bite to catch persentage jumped when I made this change. Gama's really bite and hold.
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    "...on the other hand you can buy cheap eagleclaw treble hooks and do just as good."

    flippin fool, I respectfully disagree. The Gamakatsu round bend replacement trebles will stick and hold fish (especially jumping smallies) better than any of it's competition. lacdown, try a size 6 for that particular crank.

    Along with replacing trebles, I use hook bonnets on all my cranks, at all times unless I'm actually casting. Al's Goldfish Lure Co. makes them and they come in three sizes. Helps keep 'em sharp, aids tying knots, and reduces tangles when transporting rods with lures on them.
  7. I've found nothing better !

  8. I 2nd the mustad triple grip hooks, or rather 3rd. WIll definately dramatically increase your landing per bites. The Gamagatsu's are sharp, but i think it's the design of the Triple grips that make the differance.
  9. Thanks for the info guys!