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  1. Crank Baits seem to be real popular in SW Ohio. I never cared much for ones that dove deeper than 3 or 4 feet because after that I could never be sure what depth they were running and if I was using a stop and go retrieve how the floaters, which most of them are, could look natural if they started to rise when they stopped.

    So if your using a Shad-Rap that dives from 7' - 15' I guess if you crank slower you'll be closer to 7' and faster closer to 15' but if you had some stumps at 11' how would you keep it just above them? And would I be right in assuming cranks are made for a steady retrieve?


    PS...I don't mind sounding stupid! :p
  2. Well, what you could do, is just get a crank bait that runs around 12' like a series 6 Strike King bait, or about a 300 or 400 series Bandit bait. Bomber makes a 7A model, that I personally love for around 8 feet in the firetiger pattern. I personally don't like the Rapala crank baits that much, but I know people that swear by them.

  3. Nothing wrong with bumping the log but what some people do is replace the trebles with single hooks making it much less likely to hang up.
  4. I've been told that a steady (slower-type) crank allows the lip to grab the water and dive deeper; whereas a faster retrieve will keep the crank more shallow. Has anyone else heard this?
  5. yea for me the slower i retrieve the deeper it goes and the faster i retrieve the shallower.

    i use rapalas and bombers most of the time.

    another cool crankbait i've been using are husky jerks.
  6. Crankbaits are designed with different triggers built in. Some rely on different actions. Some have tight wiggles and some have wide wobbles. Some rely on erratic action and some rely on realism. Some have realistic type action combined with realism. I've got many different kinds of crankbaits but the one that I think is the most realistic is a Gizz 3. I guess I should say I am prejudiced because I make them.
  7. I have a friend who swears by your lure and with luck I'll get a look at one this weekend.
  8. If you are looking for a crank bait that will come through the stumps and brush in shallow water then you better go with a D-Bait. If the fish are feeding mainly on shad, then go with a Gizz-3 around here. Mainly in a green back or a black back. However, if your down south and the shad down there are normally bigger you can get away with the Gizz-4.
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    I like using crankbaits when fishing slow is not working. I own super shallow runners to deep divers but I have the most luck with the 4'-6' runners. I use mainly Rapala DT's and the BPS Nitro's. I tend to have more luck when the crankbaits digs into the bottom a little bit. I will crank the bait until it hits the bottom and then stop for a second or two. Most of the time, the basses will hit right after I stop. If no hits, I will continue to do so back to the boat and try again.

    A lot of times, it is trial and error until you find what depth is working that particular day or time of day so its best to have a few of different depths and colors.

    The slower you crank, the deeper the bait will run. The smaller the diameter of the line, the deeper the bait will run also. I use a 5.4:1 gear ratio reel with 10 to 12 lbs mono on a 7' medium power rod with a moderate action tip. The slower tip prevents me from ripping the bait out of the fishes mouth when I set the hook.

    The colors that have worked well for me are natural colors...anything that resembles bluegills and shads. I have not had any luck with loud colors.
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    I wonder who that might be? ;) You'll definitely get a look at them cause they're like my American Express card... don't leave home without it. Heheh.

    Mean Morone, call me stupid (my ex-wife and current wife surely do) but I had no idea you were one of the guys from Smack Tackle. Now some of your earlier posts make a little more sense to me. :) I've spent too much time trying to think like a fish that it's clouded my thinking like a human.
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    I caught 6 nice saugers last night on the LMR using my Gizz 3