Cranes Run Nature Park

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  1. Does anyone here have any information on Cranes Run? I can't find a thing on the web other than overhead imagery. I see a nice-sized pond. Are anglers allowed to fish it so long as they leave the birds alone? Any information would be appreciated.
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    I believe this is a Miami Township Park and it does have a nice pond there. I have not fished it for quite a while but really only had any luck in the spring. Lately, I have heard rumors that folks that fish are not the only ones trolling the park:mad: , if you know what I mean. The Township does, or used to anyway, patrol the park quite regularly.

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    Yes, the park has began to be overun w/ folks who are not fishing. We were told by the local police to not purposely back into the parking spaces there. I guess this is a popular way for this certain type of folks to park.

    Salmonid (OGF Mbr) frequents this park quite often. I'm sure he may have some more info.
  4. You are allowed to fish the lake. Bass, crappie, bluegill, carp and cats. some nice largemouth are in this lake. 5 lb. plus. there are some productive catalpa trees there also. as for the parking lot fella's, they pretty much know your not there for them when you get out with your equipment. never had a problem there.
  5. Our fly fishing club has had many a outings there with our pontoon/belly boats, its a nice lake for that but its extrememly clear and yes, nice bass there but we never seem to catch them, the point across from where you first walk in is the bluegill spawning bed area, if you can catch them on that bar spawning, the lake has nice fat gills, otherwise they are really tough to catch, the fish are in there, i always see them, but hardly ever catch them.

    Mellon always seems to know the antics of the "Picklers" that inhibit the area, but as a whole, they are harmless and never had any problems with them.
    Tough fishing but a nice place, I have not ever fished for cats or carp there so cant help you there.