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  1. H2O Mellon

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    I check Craiglist daily, just looking for whatever. I don't think I've ever bought anything from there come to think about it it,

    I have noticed lots off odd posts within the last couple months, that say things like Will Trade Handyman Services for XYZ. Some of those XYZ things will often say "Night Out w/ A Woman", "Other Services w/ a Woman", etc...

    It blows my mind. I mean let's face it, we can all read between the lines there. If my daughter ever answered something like that, I think I'd have her locked up.

    Has anyone else seen these types of adds?
  2. seethe303

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    yup they are pretty common I think.

    that being said, I have read about people getting busted through craigslist.

    on the other hand, I got a like 15 good condition DVDs on there for $40!

    its just another tool on the internet, there will always be someone abusing it.

  3. flounder

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    I called on two boats listed there this spring and one guy said he changed his mind after he posted (about 1/2 hr later) and the other guy never got back to me after I bugged him for two days. I think some folks just use it to see if there is any interest. One person even took his boat ad down and reposted two weeks later at almost twice the original asking price. What up with that?? I don't even bother looking there anymore.
  4. freyedknot

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    i have put a few thing there and get a lot of strange emails from email addy's that sound foreign. i have a bicycle on there now and a woman wants to give me a money order her husband is sending to her,and another guy asks if i would chip it to iowa??. but htere are some deals on there ,you just have to sort them out. there was a great starcraft 18 ftr last month for $2500. and well worth $5000. and it was baught by an ogf person.
  5. Dont get me started on CL, a few on here know the sort of issues I have run into including the gig on the "great deal" of a starcraft. I have replied to many boats and most were legit but the best deals are just like Fee-Bay and if its too good to be true, then it is. I have yet to find the "killer" deal on either of these boards but I still look. It amazes me that what ever I want to bid on goes for more then I could buy it for new and things I want to sell never get anywhere close to the minimum bid, I just have to remember that it takes at least two folks to make an auction....

  6. sevenx

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    I used CL to list apartments and allways did well with finding renters but would allways get one or two from someone in Africa or India that said something like Hi I am a model and I am moving to cincy area for a job and need a place to live I have alot of hot girlfriends who will be staying with me. My boss is going to pay my rent so he will need your information on how to directly deposit the money into your account bla bla bla bla. I love the part about all the hot friends. Cracks me up. S
  7. I just bought a 14 ft. sea nymph boat and trailer off craigslist for 85 dollars. Sure the boat has a dent in it and the trailer needs a little tlc , but ya gotta admit thats a great deal. Keep an eye on those listings, sometimes people dont think when they set a price. :)