Crabtree vs. Wells

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  1. Unfortunately, after last weeks two losses for the Browns, I'm already looking towards the 2009 Draft. I'm thinking the best pick s/b a dominating LB but not sure if there is one in the draft. However if the Browns have the chance Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech would look good catchng the ball compared to the current receivers with the dropsies. Of course Beanie Wells would look good too. In my dreams they do a Thomas/Quinn draft and get both.
    Who do you like for the Browns now? They should be drafting about 8-14 I'd guess.
    I'll go for Crabtree and hope Lewis has a couple more years in the tank.
  2. I believe Crabtree is only a Sophomore, so he still has one more year of school.

  3. He was a redshirt freshman so they the 2009 draft websites say he can come out this year. I see him as a Jerry Rice kinda guy. Not the superfast like a GInn but fast enough and big enough and great hands...
  4. Funny, but Crabtree dropped a touchdown pass in the first quarter Saturday. If that were Braylon Edwards you'd all be calling for his head. After all, Okie State doesn't have an NFL-caliber defense.
  5. I'd love to have Wells. Backs like him fit our weather and don't come around all that often. We really need to improve the pass rush and another corner/depth at that posision would be great.
  6. Well, to be completely honest, if Malcolm Jenkins is available when the Browns draft, they'd be stupid to pass him up.
  7. Also - if you're looking for RB help - he wears number 35 and usually stands pretty close to Romeo Crennel.

    I think the Brownies need to go defense, defense before thinking about a RB.

    However, LeSean McCoy (Pittsburgh), James Davis (Clemson), or PJ Hill could be interesting options later in the draft.
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    I'd hate to see the Browns draft Beanie.

    He has so much potential and could have a great career anywhere else(well, except Cincy) the Browns would ruin all that.

    In fact I'd probably feel sorry for him if he has to play pro-ball in Ohio
  9. We need another corner in my opinion. Eric Wright is on the right path, but another CB will help.
  10. I'm not sure Beanie is leaving and if he does how's his foot and will he beable to play on it?

    I like Crabtree. He's got good hands and makes some great plays.

    I'll agree though that Cleveland has to go defense before we do anything with the offense. It doesn't matter how many points our offense can score if our defense can't keep the other team out of the endzone. I understand that 97 yard pass plays happen but that one was blown from the begining. There weren't broken tackles there was just a lame attempt at knocking the ball down.

    I say we trade up to get Jenkins.
  11. Jenkins and Crabtree will be gone by the time the Browns pick. Both are fun to watch.

    One thing I noticed watching the Texas Tech game the other night is Crabtree was running short to intermediate routes between the hashes and getting popped before the ball even got there and he still caught it and always got yards after the catch. He kind of reminds me of Sterling Sharpe because he plays tough. I hope Braylon was watching.

    Wells is always hurt.

    My wish list in order:

    Ray Maualuga ILB - USC Let's put some ferocity in the middle of the D!
    Vontae Davis CB - Illinois Shutdown corner who doesn't get Jenkins hype, but might be better.

    Aaron Curry OLB - Wake Forest Good for a big play a game
  12. Bass - you're on the money with Vontae Davis, but I think by draft day he'll actually be ahead of Jenkins. It happens every year. (see JaMarcus Russell vs. Brady Quinn and Vince Young vs. Matt Leinart)
  13. I remember seeing Davis play man to man with the opposition's best receiver when he was a Freshman. He took some lumps, but made some great plays as well.

    It is really hard to know what the Browns will do on draft day...they're still weak on the Defensive End, because Robaire Smith may not play again. It's very difficult for a player of his size and age to recover from an achilles rupture. Shaun Smith should be on the roster, but at the bottom of the depth chart and he's starting right now. He spent almost the entire Denver game 10 yards downfield and often on his back. I don't see Jurevicious returning as he just had his fifth surgery on that knee, all because of staph. Willie McGinest is retired (whether he's in uniform or not), Kevin Shaffer is a backup starting at RT, Ryan Tucker will be in his 13th season next year and Hank Fraley gets thrown around like a rag doll by big nose tackles. Phil has got his work cut out!
  14. Bass - I love it when someone knows their football. You hit the nail on the head with a lot of the things you said there.

    One point where I differ from your opinion:

    1.) The Fraley assertion - While it's true that Fraley can get tossed aside, it's not as much of a detriment to him as you'd initially think. Centers are always going to be tossed by a large nose tackle in the 3-4, that's why the 3-4 works. They're always undersized and have the disadvantage of snapping the ball prior to blocking. I think the problem is that the right side of our line is weak, and Steinbach is an undersized guard on the left. Leaving your center alone against a nose tackle will always result in misdirected frustration. (If you want to see an example of this, watch how much better the Vikings perform with Steve Hutchinson at guard next to Matt Birk)

    As far as the gaping holes you eloquently explained, I agree, but I have a different solution than the draft.

    Here are the top free agents I'd like to see the Browns take a run at:

    1.) Jordan Gross, Tackle, Carolina
    2.) Terrel Suggs, DE/LB, Baltimore
    3.) Karlos Dansby, LB, Arizona
    4.) Chris Gamble, CB, Carolina
    5.) Dunta Robinson, CB, Houston
    6.) Bart Scott, LB, Baltimore

    Any thoughts on those guys? Obviously we couldn't get all of 'em, but I'd love to see Savage make a run at a couple.
  15. Thanks JCS, it is a pleasure to talk football with someone who is 'into it' and you also obviously know your stuff. You make a good point about Fraley and the 3-4 scheme. I completely agree about the weak RH side of the O Line. I guess I'd just like to see him stronger in the run game, but if you have better players at RG and RT, that cancels the weakness out somewhat. I'm glad you brought up free agency, because I'm an addict when it comes to that and the draft!

    Jordan Gross - He plays LT and we are OK there.
    Terrell Suggs - STUD! Now that would be an awesome free agency pickup and Baltimore has a history of letting big time defensive players go in Free Agency if they want to much money. They do such a good job drafting replacements.

    Karlos Dansby - The Cardinals will never let him walk.

    Dunta Robinson - Great corner, but very small and has had major injuries.

    Chris Gamble - Nice big corner who makes alot of picks and is quietly having a great early career with Carolina. Love to see the Browns sign him too (while we're wishing!)

    Bart Scott - Decent MLB, but no superstar, unless you compare him to our MLB starters:D

    What do you think the Browns should do with DA? Just curious.
  16. Actually, Gross is better suited at right tackle than left, he moved in 2004 after his rookie season because the Panthers line was so depleted. For a good portion of his college career he played right tackle and for parts of his pro career too.

    Bart Scott certainly isn't a superstar, but I'd like him next to D'Qwell in the middle.

    As for Dansby, I think the Cards could easily be outbid.

    I guess it remains to be seen, but if you could lure the top 2 on my list over, it'd be great.

    Any other FA's you've taken a look at?

    We'll definitely have to chat around draft time - I watch all of day one non-stop. I'm a huge draft fan.

    Suggs has always been fantastic - even in college.
  17. #1 for me- Jenkins- if not, go after Gamble.

    Love Wells, Really Love Crabtree- he's got to be the most physical, explosive reciever to come out in awhile. I think both will be gone by #4 pick.

    I like Suggs too but didn't he just get hurt? season ending?
  18. Below is Mel Kipers Current List. Doesn't have alot of Underclassman as of course they don't have to declare for a while.

    Player Yr. Pos. School Chg.
    1. Brian Orakpo Sr. DE Texas
    2. Michael Oher Sr. OT Mississippi
    3. Michael Johnson Sr. DE Georgia Tech
    4. Eugene Monroe Sr. OT Virginia
    5. Jason Smith Jr. OT Baylor
    6. Aaron Curry Jr. LB Wake Forest
    7. William Moore Jr. S Missouri
    8. Brandon Pettigrew Jr. TE Oklahoma St.
    9. Rey Maualuga Sr. LB USC
    10. James Laurinaitis Sr. LB Ohio State
    11. Brian Cushing Sr. LB USC
    12. Malcolm Jenkins Sr. CB Ohio State
    13. Clint Sintim Sr. LB Virginia
    14. B.J. Raji Jr. DT Boston College
    15. Tyson Jackson Sr. DE LSU
    16. Alphonso Smith Sr. CB Wake Forest
    17. Jamon Meredith Sr. OT South Carolina
    18. Alex Mack Jr. C California
    19. Chase Coffman Sr. TE Missouri
    20. Max Unger Sr. C Oregon
    21. Brian Robiskie Jr. WR Ohio St.
    22. Duke Robinson Sr. OG Oklahoma
    23. Javon Ringer Sr. RB Michigan St.
    24. Juaquin Iglesias Sr. WR Oklahoma
    25. Darius Butler Sr. CB Connecticut
  19. I know Mel Kiper knows plenty more than I do, but that list is terrible. There's no way I would have Pettigrew in the top 10, Cushing is too high and Robiskie shouldn't even make that list
  20. Agreed. Cushing can't stay healthy and two TE's and two C's in the top 20??? No way...