Crab Chowder

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  1. crab Chowder
    2 Bunches Of Grn. Onions (chopped Into Small Pieces)
    1 Stick Of Butter
    Saute Onions In Butter Until Soft
    Then Transfer Into Large Pot And Add:
    2 Cans Of Lumped Crab Meat (usually Found In The Fresh Fish Section)
    2 Cans Of Reg. Crab Meat (this Is Found By The Canned Tunafish)
    4 Cans Of Creamed Of Potato Soup
    4 Cans Of Corn ( Use Juice From 3 Of The Cans)
    3 Pkg. Of Philadelpia Cream Cheese
    Cook On Low Heat Until All The Cheese Is Melted.
    Salt And Pepper To Taste.

    You Can Add A Little Milk To It- If You Want It Thinner.

    This Recipe Is A Little Expensive, But It Is Really , Really Worth It.
    And So Simple To Make.

    Enjoy!!!! Linda
  2. Wow! That sounds good! But I don't know what will be more expensive, the ingredients or the trip to the cardiologist afterward. :)

  3. So true ----I took my chances with my heart.... and I made it again today for my employees. Linda