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Coyote or squirrel for squirrel or rabbit.

Discussion in 'Trade-A-Trip - Share trip with another OGF member' started by Huntinbull, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. I have several areas where the coyote population is getting ugly, which means the hunting is getting better. I use mouth blown calls and and can take one to two people. Must have a 22 mag or larger rifle and cold weather gear (prefferably white or white camo). I also have some good squirrel hunting areas.
    Am willing to trade for a squirrel or rabbit hunt, or permission to hunt coyotes anywhere they have been sighted or heard. Any type of huntng or fishing opportunity will do.
    Contact me through a PM or email me at
  2. just wanted to let you know I am still interested in going out coyote hunting in Coshocton county. I have been so busy my head is spinning.

  3. Im game too, just let me know when and im there. gear is all ready to go.
  4. What are you doing this Saturday?
    I'm going to give myself a day in the woods. DO you want to go to the farm in Coshocton County? (Coyote hunting)
    We can go in the Am or PM or a little of both. Let me know.
    Also, I don't know if you have a four wheeler, but it would help if you do. If not, we can hoof it.
  5. Perhaps not the right thread, but I have seen 3 different bucks (one was a monster!) in Medina County this past week walking around with only one set of antlers, so you guys may find some if you head out.