Coyote hunting seminar at Thursdays MOWC meeting

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  1. If you want to learn all about coyote hunting and trapping then don't miss this month's meeting of the Mid-Ohio Walleye Club. The meeting is this Thursday night (1/8/09). The featured speaker this month is coyote expert and Richland County resident Don Long. Don will give tips and tactics for bagging this most elusive predator. The club is FREE and open to anyone who wishes to attend. Coffee and snacks are provided. A raffle for fishing tackle is held following each meeting. All are welcome to attend.

    When: Thursday (1/8/09) at 7PM
    Where: Gormans Nature Center 2295 Lexington Avenue, Mansfield
    Topic: Coyote Hunting and trapping
    Speaker: Don Long

  2. Bumping this to the top. 'Yote hunting anyone?

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    im interested in learning on how to trap them and what bait to use but i cant make it to the seminar becouse i go to school at you have any info on what kind of bait to use.ive used turkey legs,fish and i would like to use a rabbit but its in a neighbor hood so i cant do that.any info would be greatly appreciated.thank you