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Coyote hunting partner

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by Smallmouth Crazy, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I live in Central Ohio and would like to find somebody to hunt coyote with, I have been a couple times years back but not recently, so for the most part I would need somebody to show me the ropes, I would be willing to travel within 40-50 miles of the central ohio area(but needless to say the closer the better) I have seen a couple of them recently and its really giving me an itch to give coyote hunting a try again, if anybody out there is interested shoot me a PM on here and I will be back in touch. Thanks
  2. fishnfool

    fishnfool out4dabig1

    I'm no expert, but I know where alot of them are at, Ttttthatt's in Licking Co.

  3. Im far from a expert myself, if I can get to the level of novice that would be a improvement.
  4. littleking

    littleking Crossing Lines LIKE A PRO

    im definitely in! johnstown here

    .17 remington in the saddle... neighbors around me have seen quite a few coyotes, might be able to get permission to take someone with me?

    do you have any calls?
  5. I dont have any calls, I can use anything between a 22LR and 308 Win, like I mentioned I have seen 2 in the last month or so(which is almost as much as I had seen the previous 10yrs) and its kinda given me the itch, the ones I have seen recently have been along the interstate, makes you wonder what would happen if you were to get off the beaten path and go after them.
  6. littleking

    littleking Crossing Lines LIKE A PRO

    i'd leave the 22LR at home... need something with more power... i have a .17 remington that should zap em just good
  7. I think I can fit just about any bill...and Im in the process of maybe adding another:)
  8. flthednut

    flthednut You can run !

    You know, I been a thinking about hunting these critters for the last few years. I just never went for it though. This near the squirrel season I doubt that I'll try it till perhaps after deer season. Smallmouth crazy I know what you mean seeing them around. I don't know if you know where the Schewbles thrift store is in Hilliard but, I seen one staring into that big bay door one evening. He was sitting just on the other side of the road in the tall shrubs. I also seen one in the same area running across that open field that used to be a farm. No doubt about it, they are among us but we can't hunt them inside the city. I think that they must be able to get all the food they need. I see a ton of rabbits all over. Kinda makes you wonder what they would do if there wasn't.
  9. I seen one in the DQ parking lot 5 or 6 yrs back, he was really scroungy looking, winter time, he had dragged a piece of matted up road kill up into that little field and was trying to get something out of it, recently I seen one off of 270 between Tuttle and Cemetary...and last Sunday I seen one off of 71 South just a hair below the exit to Rt.62, like I said it kinda gave me a itch.
  10. flthednut

    flthednut You can run !

  11. The first ones that I started to see around here years ago were always at night...but recently I have started to see them during the day and right out in the open.
  12. Hey guys, I've seen them between Grove City and Mt. Sterling many times. I've seen them in Grove City and in MT. sterling. I also have run into them around Deer Creek Res. When I lived in MT. Sterling I had one run through my back yard while I was sitting in a lawn chair out back at night! I was stunned.
  13. At one time there was a bounty on them in Fayette county, I talked to a Game Warden a couple years back and he made it sound like they still had issues with them.
  14. btt as the fall hunting season gets going.
  15. BigChessie

    BigChessie BIG PIMPIN' "GIGELO"

    Had a pack yipping and barking like crazy just the other night. Won't be long to start taking a few if this weather ever changes
  16. I think it would be neat to listen to them like that at night, it would be even better to nab a couple.
  17. I got a picture last night on my deer cam of a big coyote with beautiful fur last night in my backyard at 9:30. One of the nicest coats I've seen. He was 40 yards from the house with lights on, t.v. on, and windows wide open. I let the dog out every night at 10:00. He was pretty bold. I just got a new camera and put it out behind the house to work out the kinks and test it before putting it in the woods.
  18. We hear them several times a week out here in Union County. Have gotten 3 different 'yotes on the trail cam in the last 2 weeks. The neighbor's dogs go nuts when those things start yipping & howling.
    Two years ago, my 14 year old son hit a yearling deer a with an arrow & before we could recover it (about 30 minutes), the yotes had found it and torn it up. That little deer must have run right into them and they finished him off in a matter of seconds.
    Needless to say, it's been on since then ; I've taken a couple , but it hasn't seemed to put a dent in the population. As soon as they start getting this corn off, we'll be breaking out the calls & see what we can do.
    If you're looking for lots of dogs, come out to Union & Madison counties & have at it .......... the rabbits & deer will thank you.
    Good hunting,
  19. I'm in union county too. I have a pack behind the house that are getting pretty bold. They ate my neighbors 4-H project rabbits this summer. They come into the yard at night and cut loose howling. One morning 6 were bedded in the back of my yard in some high grass, didn't even know they were there until I let the dog out and they took off. Good part of it is that I used to have a couple stray cats around, not anymore. The neighbor and I run into each other sometimes in the middle of the night in our underwear and rifles when they go off howling behind the house.
  20. If either one of you gentleman need some company on one of these hunts Im your guy:) it would be nothing for me to make it out to Union or Madison county, I have hunted since the age of 13 and Im about as sober and sane as they come(or as what you will find in the world today) bumping into your nieghbor in your scivies in the middle of the night:p sounds like they are about to take over out there.