Cowher to Cleveland?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Shadowolf, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. And,

    It seems as if it's just rumor "for now?" but as most of us know there is some truth hidden in rumor......
  2. It says Cowher could go to Washington? Is Gibbs retiring ?

  3. Rumors are rumors and nothing else. I won't believe anything until I see it.
  4. true2plue

    true2plue TEAM BATO!!


  5. :eek: NO! :eek:
  6. Agreed! Marty coached SO well, UNTIL he got a lead, then here comes the PREVENT! I do not understand why he never learned from all those disasterous outcomes. I also do not want him back. Cowher is aggressive, intense, & a great motivator. I would take HIM back in a heartbeat!
  7. As a Steelers fan, I think we now have a good coach who will only get better. Bill who?

    Of course, Cower might go to the Browns. They change coaches and quarterbacks every month...or is it week?
  8. ROFL! It seems Like every week!
  9. Look at it this way....hiring new coaches is a whole lot cheaper than cleaning the cobwebs (from being inanimate) off the old ones!