cowen lake

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  1. Anyone bass fishing on cowen & what are the water conditions. Never been there before and would like any tip that can be given. Thank you
  2. Hey Skeeter. Cowan has some really nice fish. You've got a much better shot at a 5 lber there than other area reservoirs. If you're running a Skeeter 150, though, be prepared for a different experience than fishing a place where you can run & gun. You usually end up "junk fishing" with a variety of baits, since you can only move with your trolling motor. Rig up accordingly the night before. Topwater, spinnerbait, crankbait 2' - 4', crankbait 6' - 8', you get the idea. This time of year you shouldn't have to fish any deeper than that to catch fish. Don't be afraid to throw real, bubba-size baits on Cowan. Even if you find a pattern like flippin' laydowns, you are going to want to throw something as you buzz to the next tree, and you'll often be pleasantly surprised to find you can catch them that way, too. Personally, this time of year, I like a big black buzzbait, a fat red square billed 2' -4' crankbait (like a Strike King 4S or a Bagley), and a 3" to 4" mustard tube with a rattle. Fish fast and have the net out! I like to fish the campground side of the lake between the ramp and the dam. I know that doesn't narrow it down much for you but that area has every depth/cover/structure option you could ask for, so they'll be there somewhere. Haven't been on Cowan for a couple weeks, so I can't help you with conditions. Make sure your trolling batteries are in good shape, and good luck.

  3. yea, I seen it is 10 hp. Ive also got a little 14ft with an 8hp i will be taking there. going to try and make it over friday. thanks for the info