Cowan Spillway?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by harrison08, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. hello all,

    I am going camping at Cowan this weekend........BRRRRRRRR. Just wonderring if it would be worth me taking a rod down to the spillway to fish for a few hours in the morning.

  2. HArrison,
    Stay in the lake. out in front of the marina. Trust me! I see it everyday!

  3. Hey ssmarina (is that you Tom?), good to see you on here. I look forward to hearing reports on the fishing at Cowan.
  4. The spillway is pretty popular and as low as the water has been it will be much less active than normal, but I have never been skunked there. I was thinking about taking a canoe out on the lake. Has anyone ever been out on Cowan in a canoe, and is this ok to do solo?
  5. Sleprock

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    canoeing cowan

    if the wind is under 10 mph its not to bad, anything over and you are gonna be fighting the wind, especially if ya got no trolling motor, but there are spots out of the wind.

    if you are camping at cowan at the campground the cove behind the campground ramp can be good if the lillypads have died off. if you can launch from that ramp then you shouldn't have to much paddleing to do to find some kinda fish.
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    I caught 2 LM and 4 crappies Thursday at dusk just off the wall on ths south shore. Not much bite until 4:30???
  7. I will be staying there this weekend and wondering where some good shorespots are as well. I hear the crappie, walleye and saugeye can be good this time of the year but never been there so I have no clue where to go to shorefish for them.