Cowan Muskies

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  1. Ive never fished for muskie before and i was planning a trip up to cowan to fish for them up there. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for where to fish for skies or what to use in early may.
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    Try fishing the points and dropoffs, troll with large stick baits. Try casting large spinners and top waters, look for working shad on the surface.

  3. Hooked 2 of em (1 was at least 48") on a buzzbait till they shook it loose. Make sure you set the hook good.
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    I caught one last March on a Shad Rap on the North side of the lake. Good luck if you go, they are in there. Unfortunatly it appears the state is not restocking them anymore for whatever reason.
  5. I trolled a lot for saugeye,using erie dearies sometimes.I would tip it with a big bass minnow.anyway i got 5 in may between 30 an 40 inches all off main lake pts. that dropped off in deeper water
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    And they say there are none in here:(
  7. Nobody ever said there weren't any in there. There were very few reported. I will get the numbers later today and post them here.
  8. the reason they're not restocking is because there were so few catches reported!
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    Well i think everybody on here understands that by now...

    Maybe instead of stating the same thing over and over again, we should look into way of how to get more anglers to report their catches.

    Its obvious that a lot of people caught Muskies at Cowan, and many times more then one.. SO in Cowan's case at least, the problem was not that the lake was not a good Muskie fishery, it was that people were just simply not reporting their catches...

    I think that the online reporting that was mentioned in another similar thread is a great idea!! The DNR , or whoever is in charge, just needs to do a better job on informing the public on what it is for and how it works.

    Of course if your a Muskie angler then you are going to know how and why to take a scale sample and report every Muskie that you catch..

    But what about all of the Crappie and Bass fisherman who frequently catch Muskies on accident??? I would be willing to say that many of them have never fished for Muskies in their life, and have no clue on how to go about reporting all the Muskies that they catch... ( I know this happend to me personally )

    This whole thing about Cowan Lake is really quite a shame, because I believe that this Lake really had potential and was obviously a lot more successful lake then many of those in charged realized. Hopefully the same mistake is not made with another lake and a better way of reporting your catches is implemented..
  10. I agree with traphunter and will ad this. Most people are casual fisherman,
    they don't want to join clubs, they don't want to fish tournaments, they just
    want to go fish and get away from things and relax. These people are not going to report a catch to the ODNR, but I bet they catch a fair amont of the fish out of any lake.
  11. All of the "current" (by current I mean, in the stocking program) muskie lakes will be getting new signs at the boat ramps. The signs will have the www for the new MAL as well as postpaid cards for those with no internet.

    I do not know if Cowan will be getting those signs as it is no longer a "current"
    muskie lake. I will find out and let you know.

    Here are the numbers from Cowan.

    2007 - 11 muskie caught, Avg. length 31", Largest 38"

    2006 - 7 muskie caught, Avg. length 30", Largest 38"

    2005 - 9 muskie caught, Avg. length 27", Largest 36"

    2004 - 7 muskie caught, Avg. length 27", Largest 30"

    2003 - 14 muskie caught, Avg. length 34", largest 41"

    I agree, we all need to make an effort to remind anyone that catches a muskie to report it.