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  1. Hey everyone, I'm going out with a buddy to cowan. We are gonna try trolling for some muskies, in the evening. Both of us have never fished for musky before. Does anyone have suggestions on what kind of crankbaits we should try? Or other approaches? Any help is appreciated.
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    Other than making a minimum of 1,000 casts (haha) I would suggest fishing the shallows or flats. If you have use inline spinners with the squirrel tail/feathers attached. It will draw more attention.

    I went recently to Gander Mountain in Huber Heights and bought some spinners with a trailer. I've yet to be able to use it but I have heard they are great lures. I live in W. Carrollton so it's difficult to get to Caesar Creek or Cowen to fish for them.

    Good luck. Let us know what you catch.

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    troll some lures that will reach depths just above the thermocline.
    12-18 ft would be about average. use thin diameter line and run them with 30-50lb.wire leaders. perch paterns or a combonation of natural colors blue/silver/black. if you throw spinners in these conditions you will leave with a sore arm and no fish
  4. Sounds like good tips, just one more thought; I would watch your water temps. They are really high right now and it could be bad news bring a fish from the thermo. to mid 80's water. Most the guys I know and myself have pulled off or are fishing at night. Can't wait for temps to break!!!!

    My .02
  5. Thanks for the info guys. I'm goin out to cowan on friday with my work buddy. Hopefully it'll be cooler towards the end of the week. I would love to get my first musky. If not, we're gonna try for some cats also.
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    Best bet is to troll deeper or cast baits that you can count down and retrieve. You might find a ski shallow early in the morning, but most will be holding deep due to water temps. This is a tough time of the year for muskie fishing. Things will be improving as soon as the water temps start to go back down in the later half of September.

    Don't give up if you don't succeed your first time out. If you play in traffic long enough, your bound to get hit!