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Cowan Muskie?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Rooster, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. I will be camping a Cowan Lake over Halloween weekend. The State campgrounds are really cool on Halloween. Many of the campers decorate for Halloween, and it is a lot of fun for the kids (and adults) to walk around and look at all the campsites at night. Anyway, I plan to give the muskie a try. I have never caught a muskie, and have been fishing Cowan for about ten years. You would think that I would have lucked into one while bass fishing by now, but I don't think that will ever happen. I plan of fishing exclusively for muskie for the entire weekend. Any suggestions on lures, presentation, or locations would be greatly appreciated. What type of cover should I be looking for? A PM would be fine if you want to keep the location part confidential! I fish from a kayak, and have been dreaming of a musky dragging me around the lake!
  2. I never have fished for the Muskie so I am no help on that. But either way, Halloween weekend at Cowan should be great. Was the best one I can remember for my kids.

  3. creekwalker

    creekwalker Moving water...

    I have only fished for Muskie a couple of times at Cave Run Lake in KY. Never caught one, but had a nice one chase my "lure" around the boat in what Muskie fishermen refer to as a figure 8 pattern. Pretty wild actually. You put your rod in the water when one follows you to the boat, then proceed to do a figure 8 with your rod tip in the water and the lure trailing a few inches behind. The one I had followed the lure for about three passes of a figure 8, but strike.

    Anyway, as you know, I fish from a Kayak too and the size of the baits I was throwing, not to mention the size of the rod, would be difficult to use from a kayak! The lures were 6"-12" :eek: They were large bait fish imitators like bucktail spinners and some wood contraption that might pass as a large bait fishing struggling on the surface. We always fished standing timber and submerged weed beds.

    One final odd thing that happened while at Cave Run. I was fishing a rocky bank near the boat dock in the afternoon with bobber and minnnow and I had a small Muskie...about 12"...follow the bobber into the bank a couple of times. It was a floursecent green and orange one about 6" long. Not sure how that helps anyone fishing, but after fishing for two days with "Muskie lures" and only seeing one fish I think the little buggers were taunting me by chasing my bobber :D

    Don't forget to post over in the Muskie and Pike section of this site.

    Hope this helps.
  4. I'm no muskie man, but I've seen a few caught @ Cowan and had an experience myself there this year while bass fishing. I'd try the 2 coves on the north shore across from the south shore marina. I've seen 1 caught from each and I nearly had a 20-26'' take my bass lure off this spring in the eastern cove. There is some old stumps and wood in that eastern cove on the west side - that's where I had my experience.

    Otherwise (just from my reading) I'd cast around every point on the lake. Cowan is small enough that you'll be able to cover some major area in your yak.

    Good luck!