cowan lake

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by crappie jack, May 31, 2008.

  1. caught about 30 hog bluegill last night and tried to cat fish had about 6 jugs and 12 yo yos set caught 2. crappie still on the banks about 6 to 12 inches deep
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    was thinking about taking my daughter over there to catch some gills, what u using? Night crawlers, wax worms? I'd imagine they are pretty shallow right now right...

  3. we caught a bunch of crappie last Fri. casting the banks with twister tails ,blue and white and char,blue were the best colors. they were right on the banks.
  4. I have never fished Cowan. Mainly because I read that it is a 10HP limit lake.What exactly does this mean if I have a 75HP motor? Can I still put in the lake and idle (or not use) or am I just not allowed in?

    Also what is the averge size crappie caught here?
  5. You can put in, but can not use the big motor. Use the electric. Small crappie were still on the banks yesterday, with an occasional 10 incher. The bigger crappie are mostly off the banks on the breaks about 8' down.
  6. been using wax worms on the gills caught about 100 the size and width of your hand sunday what a blast
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    We got 32 Keeper Crappie vertical fishing Friday evening down on the South shore near the sailboat ramp fishing in about 20 fow. Use BIG minnows. Are the gills on the beds???

  8. gills are on the beds been fishing small slip bobber about 18 inches the females are about to bust