Cowan Lake

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  1. Fishing Cowan lake for the first time this week. Anyone been there yet? Guess I should have posted this in Southwest. Sorry about that.
  2. Been there a few times. There was alot of small crappie. That was two years ago. Go on the north side of the island and fish that bank over to campground ramp.

    good luck

  3. fished cowan alot last year,i like fishin the island,the drop off in front of marina and the main lake point across from launch.took some muskies there
  4. been fishing it all year for the most part and burning them little six inchers up was the only ones on the lake sunday water temp 50 lake down 2ft from last week

    if you cant catch crappie at cowan somethings wrong
  5. Took 5 bass on Saturday ranging from 1-4lbs. The water is stained and reached 59 deg. The bite was tough. Caught them all on a slow rolled spinnerbait. Saw many crappie being caught by other boats, all looked pretty small.
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    Was there on Friday and caught several 6-7" crappies. Only a couple over 9" I don't keep anything under that so all were released! Water temp from 57 to 59 degrees.
  7. fished sat n sun caught 4-5 crappie 9inch and a million 6inchers caught a few cats on branch lines and a eye water still clearing up got to move around to find them the warmer temps this week should turn them on
  8. Cowan has been dropped from the list of program lakes in Ohio's muskie stockings. Not enough fish reported through the scale sample system (I think only about 8 over the past couple years). Did you report any of those muskies Rockfish41...just curious if yours were the ones?

    They are going to start stocking East Fork now, since it shows great potential for producing a good fishery.
  9. im sorry but mine were never reported,wasnt sure how to do the scale thing as i caught those by accident.i know the dayton paper reported that there was a 49 inch caught in cowan by some one bass fishing.i know every time i would go out on the weekends,i had several boats following me around like i knew what i was doing. i was just trolling erie dearies tipped with big bass minnows for saugeyes. i talk to tom dietz at gander mountain he said they went to a new system this year