Cowan Lake

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  1. saultfish

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    Anyone ever ice fish Cowan Lake.
  2. bassmastermjb

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    The only Cowan Lake I know of is in Streetsboro and is a Private Community..........Mark

  3. mrphish42

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    Mark...easy guy. Seven thousand guys ain't gonna show up up at your honey hole tomorrow. The "Cowan Lake" that (saultfish) is in reference to is located in the SE corner of the state towards Cinci. (known as COWAN LAKE STATE PARK )at Wilmington, Ohio ........."now you'll sleep better".....hehehe......jON sR.
  4. hawgjam

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    i fish and camp there quite often during soft water time. best state park campground in the lower half of ohio, i'd say. in all my days, i've never heard of anyone ice fishing there. if i thought there would be thick enough ice, this weekend's trip would be there for sure. don't think it's been cold enough long enough for cowan to freeze sollid enough for walking...someone please tell me i'm wrong...please!
  5. I have, but it's been a long time ago. We used to catch mostly gills. Back then there were true sauger in the lake but we never caught any.

    If you go up to test the ice please post, I may try it again.
  6. ScottB

    ScottB SW Ohio

    I've tried ice fishing there a couple times, it's been several years though. We caught a few bluegills and crappie, nothing spectacular.