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Cowan lake tournament

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Tiny bass boat, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. just wondering how many people would be interested in a bass tournament on Cowan next summer. It would probably be on a weekend. Haven’t decided how long to make it. Please give feedback and advice.
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  2. RiparianRanger

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    Not sure if the sailboats post their schedule but might want to forego weekends when the sailors are out. A tournament + sailboats + weekend warriors = cluster@%#*
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  3. So maybe like a Thursday night or Tuesday? Any other suggestions would be helpful. Would you be interested in attending? Thanks for the reply!!
  4. i used to fish Friday night tourneys never had a real problem with sailboats.Tourneys were from 5pm to 10pm
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  5. Are you considering a single tourney or weekly jackpot type tournament? Hosting a weekly jackpot is a serious undertaking, collecting entries, running the scales, settling disputes & attempting to participate yourself. I would participate if it happens to fall on a non work day. I agree with Ranger on looking more for a weeknight. To my knowledge it has been a couple of years since anyone ran a weekly jackpot there. The last one I fished had about 17 boats. Bass fisherman love to compete. Get the word out early & make the entry fees reasonable & they will come. Good luck!
  6. I was considering just one in the spring and then the fall.
  7. i have a ten foot flat bottom i fish a lot out of and i love cowan id be up for any tourney there espcially if geared toward yaks and jon boats
  8. if you need help getting it going id offer my help also just let me know
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    I would be interested, evening good. Ceasar creek tourns Tuesday nights