Cowan Lake question.

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  1. 1st week of April my two kids have a week off of school and they want to go fishing. My questions are:
    1. Has anyone stayed in the cabins they have there?
    2. Are there any baits stores/stores to buy food in that area open that time of year?
    3. How is the bank fishing?
    Thanks for any info.....Dan

  2. Madfisher,
    Cowan has a great marina - South Shore Marina that has all the stuff you need. I think it usually opens about 7:30. There is also a bait store down the road from it that opens a bit earlier.

    The cabin area does have a commissary, but it is not open until about Memorial Day. There are grocery stores on the way in Wilmington to get what you need.

    Bank fishing around the marina should be OK or even better. But take some bucks and rent a pontoon. Go straight out from the marina boat ramp about 100 yard or so and drop down to thick schools of crappie. Minnows set on a slip bobber 10 ft deep will give some smiles and a great dinner.

    So get about 8 slip bobbers, 4 dozen minnows, two packs of split shot sinkers, gold hooks, and give those boys a good time that they won't forget. You're at the right place for it!
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    Caught a nice Bass from shore there last year
  4. jonny....Thanks. Alot of of good reading there bud. Also watched some of your You Tube vids. There great. Reminds me of my younger years. Can't wait for some new ones. Thanks again.....Dan

    TheKing....Wow,you should write a fishing book lol. Thats some great info and I think you sold me and the family on this place. Hope we have any early spring. Thanks again for the GREAT info......Dan

    Thresher... Sound like a good time. Hope we can do the same. I might be giving you a PM on some Perching advise. I can't catch those darn things. Thanks again.....Dan
  5. If you get a boat, try the cove behind the campground boatramp. Works for me every weekend. GOOD LUCK!
  6. pontoon...Thanks......Dan
  7. Yes there is a drop off out there. If you go to the point to the right of the marina before it swings back to the sailboats, there is 20ft water close to the bank. The creek channel must swing in close right there.
  8. if you dont wanna spend the bucks on a boat just head over to the sailboat docks and fish from shore. its always good for a nice mess of crappie and gills that time of year
  9. Thanks guys. Sounds like my kind of fishing :) Gonna head down there today and check things out. Thanks again to all for info....Dan
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  10. There is some bank access down by the dam. I was fishing there about 6 years or so ago with my family for spring break. I caught a giant muskie on crappie gear, my grandma caught a small muskie and also a giant. The fishing around the banks on Cowan are great just as long as it is warm for about a week prior.
  11. The first week of April will present a challenge due to water temps and possible weather patterns. A good warming trend can be the difference, the week before will determine how easy it will be. But I think if you try the different things suggested, the "catching" will be pretty good. The "fishing" there is always great. You can't find a more serene setting for fishing.

    What I forgot to mention is the importance of depth and retrieve rate at this time of year. They will likely be sluggish. If on a slip-bobber, set it deep enough to drag the bottom slightly. And reel in slooowwwwwly. The slightest tug and just slightly increase the rate of retrieve to hook 'em. Jerk it, and miss them.

    Remember, the north shore is the warm shore in early spring. But the sail boat marina does seem to work sometimes in early spring. It might be the lingering light north winds moving warm surface water to it.
  12. Hey big is considered large for Cowan Lake musky?
  13. Well, none of the Cowan muskie guys have replied. So, all I know is what I have seen. A Cowan trophy muskie is a fat one. Pushing 30-40 inches, and not a rare of an event there. I watch them being caught about 10% of my trips. I also see them washed up on shore on occasion more than what I see getting caught - presumably the result of a catch and release event. I see a muskie angler every time I go there.
    I am pretty sure that I hooked one on a wax worm while crappie fishing at dusk.
    I'd say that they are not as long as what is reported from Caesars Creek. But I think they may be comparable in weight.
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    are they still stocking muskie at cowan
  15. They cut the stocking at Cowan to start the stocking program at East Fork. I believe they stopped / started the new stocking this past fall.
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    I caught 2 ski's while bass fishing last year. The first one was 42'' & fat est. # was 20lbs. the second was more about 30''. there are some hogs in there they have been stocking them in there for ever. I wish they didnt stop stocking them there, but I am looking forward to catching them at eastfork in a few years!!!!!!!