COWAN lake conditions

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  1. any one know how high the water is and if the docks are in
  2. went down last sunday before all this rain. saw no docks. water was 39 degrees and stained. caught a ton of 7-8 inch craps. no big ones. first year fishing at cowan,heard rumors of very large craps in there. didnt see one....going to try again in a couple weeks...are there 13-15 inchers in there like i've heard...

  3. cowan lake is not a flood control lake, if the water goes up it will be down quick considering the dam is just a concrete wall water flows over
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    For the past three years 90% of the crappie I have caught from Cowan have been 6 inches or less. If I were looking for big crappie I think i would head in a different direction. Some will argue but thats simply a fact.. This lake is not what it was several years ago, when it comes to crappie at least.
  5. guess i'll have to go north to catch the big craps,knox lake will do just fine....