Cowan Lake Catfish

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    I am taking the kids fishing and camping this weekend at Cowan. I was wondering if any of you had some advice on Catfish at Cowan. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. I've seen some BIG flatheads pulled out of the cove near the campground.

  3. The "cove" or alley by the campground/boat ramp has been called "catfish alley" by some friends of mine.
    if your up for a hike try finding the trail to the tailwater. its tough to get down there sometimes but a good pool to hit!
  4. Just below the spillway there is a little hole its a good hike to get down there but i've been downt here myself several times gotta watch out for the rocks its very hard to bottom fish so the best idea would be to get some minnows and a small bobber, there is also plenty of bass down there.
  5. Thanks for the info fellas......... Are you refering to the big cove with the beach or the little cove to the east??

    I hope everyone has a great Holiday weekend!
  6. If you leave from the marina you have to pass right by the beach and the Park ramp to get to The "alley" I have had luck with all the coves on that side. Even seen some jug lines out in some.
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    I've only fished it once, but fishing off the docks, I kept catching channels and yellow bulls on roostertails near the campground, as others have said.