Cowan Lake Carpin'

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  1. Perch

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    Heya Carpers,

    Taking day trip up to Cowan to relax with Family and fish for some Carp.......Hows the Carpin' in this lake? Any good?

    I was thinking of trying around Marina and also the opposite side of lake with Corn and my Special Garlic Wheatie balls

    Thanks in advance !! ;)
  2. bwhntr4168

    bwhntr4168 always take a child

    friend always catches them down at the dam!!

  3. Last time I was there, they were all around the launch ramp at the marina, jumping and what not, I was shooting them though, not fishing for them. They are there though
  4. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    Was at the N end by the marina at the end of June and there were so many thrashing around in the shallows that the the lake sounded like a gaint washing machine.A lot were out near the lily pads,not the shoreline.TC1
  5. Perch

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    Set up my spot down by the Lilly pads in the east end of lake, had a nice quite spot with a shaded picnic table by the last boat launch..............All was well until I caught a small bass while plunking around the pads killing time waiting for the carp bite......nice little Bass about 1.5 lbs and a family of hilljacks with 2 screaming younguns and a yapping puppy fishing about 50 yards down the bank watched me reel it in .........Well you guessed it, these people actually pulled up stakes and plunked down not 20 feet from myself, my wife and our two dogs..........I thought to myself, this is just like Ive read on OGF, I didnt actually think I would ever run into people this rude............We left the spot rather than confront these butt monkeys..............If I would have been alone, it would have been different.......oh well............Ill try that lake again for sure............Thanks for info guys.......
  6. Weeds across from marina holds them. Along edges especially.
  7. Thresher,

    Whats funny though about your hilljackstory is they always think you are in some great spot and they are in a lousy one. More often then not its their fishing technique and not the spot at all. Regardless it is rude and I hate it.
  8. thats what i like to read!! !%
  9. Perch

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    Before they ran us off our spot, Mrs hilljack came over and asked my wife if she could borrow our net.........she said her kids had lost all their bobbers , and they couldnt fish without them...sure enough, they had about 6 floating about out in the the wife gave them the net.............when I got it back, I had to ask one of her kids for it because he was heading off to spots unknown with it, it was covered with moss and weeds.............I guess it could have been worse, they could have lost it in the lake..........