Cowan Lake 08/17/08

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    Went to cowan sunday. Put in around 6 am fished until around 11 am. caught around 60 crappie. Most small 6 to 8 inches did catch around 3 in the 11 to 12 inch range. Also caught 3 small channels. tried to troll for eyes for 30 minutes or so with no luck. I still havent learned how to fish for eyes very well yet. I would love to learn though. although they werent real big loved the non stop action was great for abou an hour or so. didnt keep any but had great time!!!!!
  2. Byg


    I was up there fri/sat pretty much same deal ,small crappie. But it was a good time... I am hoping to return end of Sept..Oh yea,:) those raccoons are
    well trained in the campground

  3. Sounds like you did pretty well with the pan hit the lake channel for the deep water crappie or did you catch them near the shoreline?