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First off, let me get a dig in at our fine weather services. NOAA radio was calling for winds 10-15 mph. The weather channel was calling for 10-20. Actual was sustained 20 with gust to 28 mph coming out of the North-Northeast. Anyhow arrived at the marina ramp about 9:30 am, whitecaps on the lake. After deliberating and listening to NOAA radio one more time decided to put in and give it a try. I had my daughters with me and was hoping to get into some of the fast crappie action that the KING had been reporting this past week. Well, piece of advise, 20 mph + winds out of the Northeast, think twice about using the ramps at the marina, what a cluster....all day. Everybody from Jon boat to sail boat was having a devil of a time.

Spent the morning looking for a place out of the wind that was holding fish. Could barely find a place out of the wind and those area's that were out of the wind, were not holding fish, things were going down hill quickly. Waves were not dangerous, but enough that kept you form being able to control your boat and keep position over structure.

After a lunch of PB&J's tried a little bit of trolling just to keep some interest with the kids. Finally marked some fish off a point on the North end of the lake (out of the wind) and was able to anchor and hold relative position. Over the next hour or so was able to catch 2 dozen dinks and some smiles from my daughters. Some of the hardest fishing I have had in some time, but the rewards..well see below.



Well you did better then we did. We couldnt even make it back to the ramp due to the ridiculous wind. Good job and glad you all had fun. BTW I think I saw you out there.
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