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Fished Cowan today and avoided what looked like a skunking at the day's start. Surface temp near 60 and the water was a little cloudy but not bad.

My fish finder was not working so I had to "wing-it" at the usual spots for deep water crappie with no luck. So I resorted to close-in gill hunting with wax worms about 2-3 ft under the bobber. I managed to find two decent nests of gills over the course of 8 hours. So I conclude that Cowan is in that "in-between" stage...in-between the Crappie and Gill spawn. I did see a boat that got on the Crappie in an open deep water area, but just one. I expect they were lucky to have hit them today.
The egg sacks in the gills were very small and no where near spawn. They must be as confused with this weather pattern as the crappies.
Saw some good bass caught early. Heard that Rocky Fork is a nightmare of tournament "fun" with two tournaments today and tomorrow.
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