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  1. I am new to this, never done it at all actually. I'm looking to possibly start ice fishing. I was wondering a couple of things. How do you measure ice for proper thickness? That is my main concern of course, is making sure the ice is thick enough. Also, is there any other way to get through the ice besides and augor? Not looking to dump money into this untill i know if i like it or not. Thanks for any help you have. I'm looking to go out after some crappies and gils around the Springfield area. If there is anyone around here that wouldnt mind a tag a long for a couple trips, i'm very interested in learning. Would be more than willing to buy lunch/breakfast or whatever. Thanks in advance.

  2. Smart man always best to go with a seasoned pro. Safety on the ice is most important. Clothing and especially footwear is next. Regardless of how good of equipment you got if you can't stay resonably warm you will not enjoy yourself.

    You should have no shortage of invites as this site has lots of helpful guys. A bit of predjudice here but I trully believe the hardwater guys are the best there is. At being helpful and just plain friendly.

  3. papa has it there!! safety FIRST!! then stay warm...if your like me cold feet=go home so i got a pair of guide gear 2000gr rubber boots that are great!! you can use a spud bar(made mine out of 2' angle iron skrewed to a broom handle and its great!) to check ice...4'' min but guys fish less including advise is pair up with a seasoned icer and get out there!! good luck and be safe!
  4. One item that you will need is an ice scoop (cup with holes and handle) to clean the ice chips from the hole. I prefer one with a plastic cup since you can bend it to clean off any ice stuck to it. I also prefer an aluminum vs. a plastic handle. Easiest way to measure I've found is to mark and number inch increments on the scoop handle, starting at the edge of the cup, and on up the handle. Some scoops come with premarked handles. Stick the scoop into the hole, hook the cup under the bottom edge of the ice, and measure the thickness with the handle.
  5. if i were u in the springfield area go out to the cj brown marina there r usually someone out there ice fishing and already plenty of holes drilled. stop by the lake bait shop and pick u up a $5 little ice outfit it aint much but it will let u fish. dress as warm as u can and head out i am there quite a bit. u don't even have to get on the ice just fish from all the docks. good luck
  6. as everyone says saftey first. then stay warm. spend the bucks for good boots. dress in layers and you won't have trouble staying warm (usually). for your hands, there is no perfect ice fishing glove, period. take several pairs, they always get wet. disposable handwarmers are great, especially if you're fishing with tip ups. i started out with the tip of a broken rod taped to a broom handle. bend 2 small nails to wrap line around. the "green hornet" style (grumpy old men). ice fishing don't cost much to get started in, but if you get hooked, you can't have enough stuff. i have 2 shantys, a heater, lanterns, a vex, power auger, 7 tip ups, 8 poles, a sled to haul it all with. now i need a snowmobile to pull my sled. good luck with your new hobby.
  7. crappies4ever, let me know when your going out. I would like to possibly come along. I have an ice fishing pole arleady(i think) but other than that, i dont have much. I have the normal warm weather tackle, not sure if its the stuff you use for ice fishing, but i am more than willing to alteast come out and watch to see how its done. I'm only about 15 mins from CJ, so i would deffintily like to come out and check it out. Please let me know. Thanks fella's for all the advice. I have a lot of warm clothing, I hunt pretty much year around, so i have most everything to stay warm in cold conditions.
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    one thing is for sure dress warm. i fished portaged lakes all my life, never had a problem till i came to central ohio... damn the lakes are big and long...more wind and less ice.. please take someone who nows what the hell there doing, no one wants to read about a guy going through the ice. I would not recomend a spud bar.. make friends fast and borrow an auger. i am kinda new to the site, but so far everyone is pretty damn nice here, i am sure someone will help out. hell i might even be out there?/ haven't decided yet?
  9. Also, instead of an auger, is there any other way to make a safe hole?? Will the regular dirt augers work? Thanks again fella's!
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    i would say yea make sure the blades are sharp...i would try a chain saw before anything else???
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    Yea, there you go... a chainsaw for a rookie icefisherman. Make sure you cut a big hole so you or another angler can step in it too.:mad: Why don't you just take a gun and shoot the ice. Spud bars allow you to test the ice as you go instead of cutting holes with an auger or "chainsaw" and are a good idea if your unsure of ice conditions. Spuds or ice chisels will problably get you threw this ice we have now.
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    REALLY.... you're telling a newby to cut a hole with a chainsaw.:mad: Dude, come on now. Even if you're joking, it's not funny. Use the auger.
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    if i didnt have my auger or a spud i would take an axe. look for old holes, they freeze from the top down, so depending on how old the hole is, you might only have to chip out an inch or two of ice. you can make a new hole too but it would be hard. also be careful when you open the hole with the axe, once you break through the ice the water will come up and you will splash water everywhere (dont want to get wet in this cold weather)
  14. Alway drill a hole before you get over your head. I mean over 4fow. If you dont have one,BUY ONE!!!!!!!An axe and spud are good things to carry but drillin to test the ice first and to watch for ANY changes in surface. I drag my feet some to make sure Im walking on the same slab of ice I drilled in. Ice thickness changes reg. By watching for change in surface,you can limit yourself to thin ice!
  15. Go buy an auger and if ice fishing is not for you sell it on this forum someone may make an offer. Just get a small size like 6 inch. Pick a body of water that has a lot of small panfish, fish that. Not that we all don't want a huge fish, just try to enjoy the day with gills and you will get the hang of the whole ice fishing thing. Drilling the hole, finding bottom, jigging teardrop's with waxworms, that would be the way to start. Bigger fish like walleye are a bit tougher and you can try for them on your second trip, should you like to. You need some ice rods with like 2lb line with a spring bobber for later in the day but start with just a ice bobber, your day will be good and you will have a feel for ice fishing. All the lakes up near Ann Arbor are perfect for this but the gills are some times bigger with the occasional pike thrown in. Just my thoughts for someone wanting to try ice fishing.
  16. That was my plan. I have plenty of panfish holes i can fish that are local. I'm not planning on going after waleye's or pike. I'm mostly looking at fishing for gills and crappie and possibly saugeye on Indian. I appreciate the information, and i wouldnt try to go after it with a chainsaw, so you guys can calm down. :D I'm going to head to the local baitshop/marina and see if they have any hand augers. If not, i'm going to go and check the local Gander. Thats my plan as or now. I apprecaite the answers fella's!
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    i am not rying to get anyone killed here, i mean if your going to ice fish you better know how to handle yourself. I was thinkn of a battery operated chainsaw or saw zaw even....whatever he has layn around the house.. hell even a hammer and big screw driver will work. be sure to wear eye protection... give the guy a little credit.. i am sure he is not a moron. most people don't even now what a spud bar wife thinks it's a candy bar. guess i should've thrown that one back..
  18. A good method would be go to the lake you decide to fish...wait in the parking lot...When an Ice fisherman shows up...You will know a seasoned icer by the equipment he unloads...Explain to him you are a rookie that wants to learn to ice fish...Ask him if he would teach you the ropes...If His chest swells up and the buttons start popping off his shirt are in like flinn...Seriously a lot of them would be happy to teach you...Especially if they are OGF'ers..Good Luck.....Jim....
  19. i have an invite from crappie4ever, we just have to try to cordinate. I'm just waiting for him to get back to me! I'm going to go out and look around for some equipment tomorrow or monday. Thanks again for working with me!