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  1. going to get me a rod and reel to cast heavy spoons at the dam. what size rod and reel needed? how big of spoon needed, and about how far do u need to trough? ( ohio river ) thanks
  2. depends on where your going to fish, down at meldahl the typical setup seems to be an 11-12ft st. croix surf and 2-4oz. spoons. however i find such tackle to heavy and cumbersome, so i fish with a heavy power 9ft steelhead/salmon rod and a large spinning reel with 300yds of 10-12lb mono and throw 1-2oz, gets almost the distance when thrown correctly, and is easier to fish with all day. however, it is underkill, you will land most fish but you stand the chance of loosing somthing really big(it would have to be really big though) when at racine or greenup i actually prefer this setup over the heavy stuff, at meldahl like i said its not the same distance, but you save your shoulders. i also think on tough days the ability to work the spoon with the lighter rods gets you bit more often. another awesome choice, for baitcasting tackle is predator rod with an abu., i just dont like the chance at a backlash at that distance
    others will choose somthing other than my rod choice, but it works for me

  3. I use 12' surf rod and high capacity surf spinning reel w/PowerPro or similar braid to maximize casting distance at Meldahl, 3oz spoon, and heavier would work too. 8.5' at Meldahl only gets me to inside of first gate, can be good, but need to get past 1st gate closer to 3rd.
    At Greenup I use both 12' and 8.5' steelhead rod w/spinning reel, again 20lb PowerPro because it has 6lb diameter which gives you increased reel capacity (and you'll use it on the bigger wipers running for cover) and gives you a longer cast, as well as deeper/faster sink of lead spoons.
    I picked up a decent Diawa Emcast Plus on a BassPro 12' rod for around $170, and their winter internet catalog has the BassPro 12' rod and BassPro reel for $150 or so.
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    I Use a 13 foot TICA tc2 with a Diawa Opus 6000 reel I can cast up to a 10 oz payload.The reel has a 600yd capacity and is HD forsure. I had the rod costumized and had the stock of the rod shortened 7 inches and weighted. The difference was night and day. It went from very clumsy to feeling like its part of your arm.But if your wanting a rod to cast the locks there is nothing worse than casting and coming up short. I use 2 to 5 ounce spoons and jigs and you need some backbone in your rod.Thats my two cents good luck on your purchase. Size matters!!:)
  5. All fantastic choices. It's just wonderful to have so many options. I'm with the King though, only because I do most of my fishing at Greenup. 11 ft Predator with a Abu Record. I don't have to cast near as far as Meldahl all the time depending on the flow from the Hydro and how the seam is running and don't need to toss 3 oz Spoons near as much. But the heavier tackle is needed at Meldahl becaus of the bigger Stripers(true Stripers) and the bonus Blue Cats. I found that out the first time I caught one there. It really wore me out just trying to land a 16 lber with that lighter rod. Fun though. I also have 2 Daiwa Emcast rods now. A 10 & 11. I use them up here for Carolina Rigging. The predators are great for topwater too. So just go to where you want to fish and check out what the folks are using and remember that you probably won't make a bad choice. I fish at the dam at least 4 times a week and use almost everything I own one time or another
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    How about a 5 and 1/2 ft. Tourney Special w/ a Quantum Accurist=FUN!!!
  7. i,ve got a 8 ft w/ a smaller open bell. going to try that, got sevevra abu on 10 ft,er. but i,m not that good at constently not getting back lash, ( depending on day ) if 8 ft,er don,t work , i,m thinking about with the 11 ft bass pro shop cat max open bell combo. going to use spiderwire stealth, like to go w/ alum. oxide eye ( think the spidewire will wear grove in any other eyes? ) money my promblem. thank for u,er input, any more is welcome. l
  8. for braid i think almost everyone i have talked to (and myself), uses powerpro, it casts better than the other braids, and is the only braid i use anymore. as for the catmaxx, it would work but i think it would be very heavy, in a rod that size finding one that physically weighs less makes the fishing easier. when i fished a heavy rod at meldahl i used a 11' tica with 20lb powerpro and could consistantly fish the 3rd wall, but like i said, i'll work a little ways past the second and save my shoulders
  9. Amen to that, RiverPro!
    I cast a 12' Ugly Stick for most of the Spring and Summer, and it'll wear you OUT!
    BP 12' is glass/graphite combo, I think, and is much lighter, there are lighter still, all graphite, but in a rod that size, they'll cost you.
  10. going to try to find a costom rod builder here in cincy area and see what they got. also i live in lindale ( st. rt 132 ). is it quicker to go througt alexandrie ky,. or agusta ferry to get to ky. side of meldaul dam?
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    I'd probably go the all road route. The ferry is less than 10 miles from Meldahl, but you'd be paying $5 each way, so unless you are driving a gas hog the couple of extra minutes or miles wouldn't be worth it.

    It would probably also be quicker on average since you'd have to come down to New Richmond anyway to hit 52 and its only 10 miles or so to 275. Then take into account that you might have to wait on the ferry for about 5 minutes on average.

    Yeah, probably a much longer answer to your question than you were looking for :D

  12. And you can stop by Wal Mart on the way to the dam, as well as the Marathon station where the 4 lane becomes 2.5, pick up spoons, etc.
    You might just check out the Marathon's selection of Tica surf rods, they are light, and do a great job at the dam.
  13. ok,i,m a little ( well i actully weight 340 ) confused on the location of the wal-mart,s and marathon,s. assuming there on the way to dam in ky.. like to check out those rod. like to find a king cat supreme. got one , 10 ft casting w/ penn 209 on it.