couple of perch&a shad with pressed details

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by Swede, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. pressed in details on the shad all just over 2"long
    I did theese a couple of years ago in a test

  2. Swede,

    Cool baits....your lip design I see on many Scandanavian bait makers lures. Can you give us an idea of the action versus normal lip placement. I have never tried to bend the lexan although I have seen a few tutorials.


  3. awseome baits there mad viking, love the shapes and paint

  4. fugarwi7

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    Nice looking baits Swede...what do you mean by "pressed details" though?
  5. look at the shad the "details" are pressed into the coating/wood ,gills mouth &sideline using a teaspoon & old eating knife that got a rounded edge
  6. in currents the shape stabilizes the bait & i think it gives it a neat appearance too
  7. mrphish42

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    Swede, Quality baits for sure..... details, rank right up there with most Crank Bait mfg'and I just marvel at the paint finish. You need to get them on the market..... there are a ton of fish over here that would love to take a bite of one of them.....I fish for walleyes alot..... would be right up my alley....... Good fishin to you this year............Jon Sr.
  8. Swede, Your amazing! those have to shake the paint off with that design! Those would be killers here! All species for sure. I really like that sparkle finish!
  9. Very cool, Swede. Those almost seem to glow in the pictures.

    I have a couple of baits I'm carving with the straight lip slot like that, which will allow me to bend the lips at different angles. That way I can experiment and see which angle produces fish the best.

    One nice thing about the way you've done those is that the line tie actually presses against the lip and thus adds additional strength to the whole assembly.

    Keep them coming, Swede!