Couple of nice smallies

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Mr. Basskisser, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Mr. Basskisser

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    Hit a new stretch of flow yesterday. I fished some pretty stained water. Caught a dink then a long skinny 17 incher on a buzz. Kept walking upstream and missed one near a boulder on the buzz, threw a spinnerbait at him and hooked up. It felt pretty good but then he got off. Things slow down for a while, til I got some hits on the spinner bait below a riffle. Caught one, and decided to try the soft craws my buddy had given me. I used circle hooks for the first time. They work really well. All but one fish hooked in the corner of the mouth including 2 cats. It's just weird not setting the hook. I hit a 16 incher and an 18 incher there along with a bunch of dinks. Kept going upstream mostly throwing spinnerbait. Caught a few more, mostly small. Then hit another 18 incher on a tube. 2 18's in one day is a rare thing for me. I was a happy man.


  2. RareVos

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    That looks like a pleasant stretch of river. You are making it look easy. If it were mine I would be waist deep in stinging nettles with spiders crawling all over me and mosquitoes attached to my eyelids. Good on ya!
  3. danjaquino

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  4. fishingredhawk

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    Way to go! Nice looking smallies
  5. symba

    symba Kayak Conquistador

    Nice fish!

    Just to clarify, did you catch any of the bass on the circle hooks and craws? I use circles religiously for catfishing but it doesnt seem right for bass...
  6. Sweet!! And great pics, too. Do you do the timer deal or have a good picture taking partner?

    I know we fish a few of the same flows. The one we've discussed in the past sure seems to have FAT fish in it this year, don't you think?

    Either way, very nice. Those are some healthy looking fish.
    Glad to hear you're getting out and into 'em good!!
  7. crittergitter

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    Congratulations on some sweet smallies! Well done!

  8. Mr. Basskisser

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    Rarevos, thats what I was in today. Nettles and skeeters. Last night I was traumatized by the skeeters even with a deluge of bug spray on.

    Symba, I caught 1 18 and the 16 on craw with circle hook. Several smaller ones also. It's hard to get used to not setting the hook. I missed a few when I caught some hard craws and used the circle hook with them.

    Andy, that's the timer. Mrs. BK had to work, so I was by myself. That was on your flow. Only been there 3 times this year. Sunday it was very crowded. So I decided to try another area. Floating the other flow tomorrow. Haven't hit it a lot this year either. I've been fishing a small stream a lot, it's been nice with the water running somewhat high. Buzzs and spinnerbaits have been the ticket. I love the fluke bite but I have more confidence when the water is clearer which hasn't happened a lot this year.
  9. Wiper Swiper

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    Excellent post, and wild smallie photo catches...may they live long and prosper.

    Congrats on the experience!
  10. littleking

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    nice fish, although you should be out training those dogs :)
  11. Bubba bass bigfoot

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    Nice fish. I've had some good days on the water but nothing like. 2 18inchers, nice.
  12. symba

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    What size circles did you use w/ the craws?
  13. NewbreedFishing

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    got out early yesterday with Mr. basskisser, we fished a solid 8 hours!

    a few ups and downs...and the weather was perfect.

    stay tuned for some pics.
  14. JignPig Guide

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    You've got bragging rights!
    Sounds like a nice day. And you've got the pictures to prove it. Good pics.